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My wife has a secret money pot of £200K but still wants to pay bills 50-50

DEAR DEIDRE: DESPITE earning five times what I do, my wife splits the household bills 50-50.

We are both 42 and have a son aged nine. My wife loves her job, works 70-hour weeks and is well paid.

My wife makes more money than I do, but she insists on paying the bills 50-50

I had a good job until I was made redundant a year ago, though I always worked normal hours so I could be here for our son after school.

I have only been able to find part-time work since and now earn just £12,000 a year. I have been dipping into savings and my pension-pot but soon I’ll have nothing left.

My wife knows my financial situation but has never offered to help out, though I discovered her hidden bank statements and she has more than £200,000 in four accounts. I feel let down but what can I do?

DEIDRE SAYS: You seem to be waiting for your wife to offer but have you asked her to contribute more?

Maybe she feels safer with savings stashed away but you are a family and it’s only right she contributes proportionately.

Money causes more rows between couples than sex but my e-leaflet on Family Finances explains how to work out fair shares and could help you talk it over with her.

Culled from The Sun

My view: This woman is very stingy, she should pay at least 70% of the bills since she earns more money than her husband.

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