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Man films himself torturing terrified girlfriend on Facebook Live (Video)

During the evening of April the twenty second, police responded to a Facebook Live event featuring a man apparently injuring his girlfriend in their Bangkok condominium. When they arrived they found a seriously injured woman with a swollen face, bleeding from her head and hand. She was immediately taken to hospital for treatment. Twenty five year old Chaichana Sirichat, apparently high on amphetamine, was arrested and he admitted that he had assaulted his girlfriend, claiming she was having an affair with another man. He was initially charged with four offences including, assault, illegal detention, drug use and computer crimes.

haichana Sirichart filmed himself brutally beating Kuldara Yeesaman (Picture: Viral Press)

Chaichana Sirichat brutally attacked and tortured his terrified girlfriend while filming it on Facebook Live. He left Kuldara Yeesaman covered in blood and with a badly swollen face.

The clip showed him brutally beating her and threatening to kill her while asking who her ‘secret boyfriend’ is.

According to Daily Mail, Police in Bangkok, Thailand, were alerted to the footage and raced to the 25-year-old’s apartment. After a tense stand-off, they burst in and arrested Sirichat.

Scroll down for video

My view: I hope the evil man is locked up for a long time, as he's a threat to other people, especially his battered girlfriend.

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