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British woman jailed in Egypt for smuggling illegal painkillers is seen in prison for the first time

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A British woman jailed in Egypt for smuggling painkillers in her suitcase has been seen in video footage for the first time since her arrest.

33-year-old Laura Plummer was filmed inside Cairo's notorious Al Qanater prison sitting in the front row of a makeshift church during a recent Easter mass.

In the footage Laura is wearing a white prison-issue jilbab, she was jailed on Boxing Day for three years for possessing banned Tramadol pills,.

The camera captures Laura and her fellow inmates.

Laura Plummer is seen in the minute-long video for the first time since she was arrested at Hurghada airport on Egypt's Red Sea coast on October 9.

A source told The Sun: "This is Egypt's way of parading her before the world. They want it known that she is still in custody, but being well looked after.

"They put her on the front row deliberately for that purpose. This shouldn't have been allowed to happen and is yet more heartache for her family."

They are distraught after the video emerged online, The Sun reports.

Laura, looks unrecognisable from the snaps of her wearing bikinis on previous holidays.

Her sister Jayne Synclair, 40, said: "It's so hard to see her like this, The Sun reports.

"We've obviously been out to see her regularly but she isn't the same woman who left for a two week holiday in the sun.

"She doesn't bear any resemblance to her. My mum is in bits and has complained to the Foreign Office.

"There doesn't seem to be any urgency to review her case and it just feels like there's one thing after another."

Laura was held after she flew in for a two-week holiday with her Egyptian husband, Omar Saad, 33.

She has always maintained her innocence and insists the pills were for her partner Omar who suffers with a bad back after a car crash.

Plummer's mum Roberta, left, and sister Jayne, right, pictured leaving Al Qanater Prison, where she is still being held

My view: Laura looks nice apart from her hair and well fed, but they shouldn't have made the video public, maybe because her family were complaining that she was suffering in prison, that's why the Prison authority decided to show the world that Laura is properly taken care of.

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