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Loose cannon MMA fighter Conor McGregor charged with three counts of assault after brutal attack on

This is the video posted by TMZ showing Conor McGregor throwing a number of objects through the window of a moving bus

Conor McGregor, 29, and his entourage were not scheduled to attend Thursday's press conference, but showed up and pursued a team of rivals near the loading dock

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The father of one, attempted to throw a number of objects through a van's window

McGregor has been charged with three counts of assault and one count of violent attack on a rival's bus following the UFC 223media day.

Wild McGregor to appear in New York court today.

It is reported that the van was carrying McGregor's lightweight rival Khabib Nurmagomedov, who recently had a verbal altercation with Conor's friend and training partner, Artem Lobov

Khabib Nurmagomedov was reportedly the target of Conor McGregor's violent

act on Thursday

Nurmagomedov, appears to be front-runner as McGregor's next opponent, he had a run-in with Artem Lobov (pictured above) earlier this week, threatening him if he ever spoke his name again. According to reports, Lobov is a friend and training partner of McGregor's

Daily Mail reports that, UFC lightweight Michael Chiesa was injured in the fracas, suffering a laceration to his face after a chair was thrown through one of the van's windows

According to UFC president Dana White, Police and EMS were called who said that there is a warrant out for McGregor's arrest However, Daily Mail reported that NYPD spokesman would not confirm that there is a warrant for McGregor's arrest, instead saying that the investigation is ongoing.

White previously ruled that McGregor would have to forfeit the belt to whomever won Saturday's fight because he hasn't participated in a UFC event since 2016

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Artem lobov and Khabib Nurmagomedov Confrontation Ahead Of UFC 223

According to reports, McGregor was scheduled to lose his UFC lightweight belt on Saturday to the winner of the title bout between Max Holloway and Nurmagomedov

Scroll down and watch McGregor's shameful act below:

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My view: After watching the tape, I agreed with some people that branded Conor McGregor super thug, he didn't behave like a superstar, that he's being called. McGregor talks too much, I think they should put him in the ring with AJ (Anthony Joshua) so Joshua can show him what proper beating is, and shut his loudmouth up. Conor McGregor can be so annoying but he's sometimes entertaining, not with violence. However if the violent scene was staged then the person or persons that took the decision should be punished. Just compare McGregor's violent act with Blac Chyna's, who was only trying to protect her daughter, yet the stroller company cancelled their deal with her, I hope another stroller company will hook up with Chyna so she can promote stroller as something convenient for kids and not to be used as a weapon. Conor McGregor should be punished for his violent actions.

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