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Baby survives 17 days in womb after twin is stillborn

A ‘miracle’ baby girl survived in her mother’s womb for two weeks after her twin brother was stillborn.

Gemma Bryant, 35, said the pain of losing her son and the joy of giving birth to baby Lexie was a ‘bittersweet rollercoaster of emotions’.

After losing Kobi Nathaniel at 21 weeks, doctors warned Gemma and dad James that their daughter would likely be born within three days, with little chance of survival.

But to the amazement of staff at Hull Women and Children’s Hospital, it took 17 days before Mrs Bryant went into labour for a second time.

Now a month old, Lexie weighed just 1lbs 3oz when she was born at 23 weeks.

She is defying expectations and has a good chance of growing strong enough to lead a normal life.

‘It really has been an emotional rollercoaster,’ said Mrs Bryant, from North Cave, East Yorkshire.

‘I am torn emotionally. ‘I am heartbroken about Kobi, I feel so sad he was born too early, his little lungs just weren’t ready. ‘He was perfectly formed. He was beautiful.

We believe that he did all of that to save Lexie.

‘Those days waiting were horrific, not knowing what would happen to her.

I was put on bed rest but told to expect the worst. ‘But Lexie came out fighting, her arms and legs were all over the place, she was breathing on her own.

‘It was very scary but amazing. ‘Doctors have told us it’s the longest they’d ever seen twins born apart.’

The twins were due in May, but Mrs Bryant’s waters broke the day before she was due to go for her 20-week scan.

She knew it was too early for her twins to arrive and she was told to prepare for losing them both.

Kobi was sadly stillborn eight days later, on Christmas Eve, with lungs too underdeveloped to save.

When Lexie arrived 17 days later, the mother-of-two said she was in tears at how tiny she was.

Lexie was rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit and she was 20 days old before her parents could hold her for the first time. ‘It was amazing,’ said Mrs Bryant.

‘I burst into tears because it was just relief, holding my little girl. It was just lovely.’

Via Metro News

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