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SHOCKING VIDEO: Pregnant teen pummeled by two women in apartment building

Video footage released by police Wednesday morning shows two women repeatedly attacking and kicking a pregnant teenager in the stairwell of a Bronx building.

The 19-year-old girl was reportedly attacked at her boyfriend’s apartment building at Saint Ann’s Avenue and East 159th Street in Melrose around 2:15 p.m. Thursday, when the two thugs knocked her to the floor and began kicking her several times before stealing her cellphone and slamming the door as she lay motionless.

One woman, wearing brown boots in the video, is described as approximately 30 years old, 5 feet 1 and 131 pounds with black hair. The victim identified her as “Tiffany," New York Post reported.

The second woman, wearing a pink baseball cap, is approximately 20 to 30 years old.

NY Daily News repotrs that, the victim was rushed to Lincoln Hospital for treatment, but doctors could not perform an MRI because the procedure might hurt the baby due April 29.

Tylesha Mohammed, 19, pictured as she runs her fingers over her bruises on Wednesday. (JAMES KEIVOM/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

“The doctors said they don't know how she survived,” said the 19-year Bronx mom-to-be, rubbing her seven months swollen belly. “She's healthy. I was scared for my baby. She's my first," NY Daily News reported.

The terrifying assault was captured on a nearby surveillance camera.

Mohammed said, “I'm still hurting,”. “They jumped on my head, on my stomach. They didn't care that I was pregnant. They fractured bones in my face. I was black and purple all over.”

She said, she was pummeled because the women “had a beef with someone I knew,” and she knew one of them as “Tiffany.”

“They get me to get to them,” she said softly of her friends in the feud. “I just wanted it to be over. At some point they left and the door shut. I thought it was over. But then they came back," reports NY Daily News.

“I was just hoping my baby was OK,” said Mohammed. “It felt like a long time. That's all I keep doing, praying, ‘Please God, don't let my baby get hurt.’"

Mohammed said there were other people there along with her attackers, although none were caught on camera.

“I was a lot scared,” she said. “I just want to stay home and rest for my daughter. I want her to be OK.”

Two women in the Bronx can be seen repeatedly kicking a pregnant woman during a Feb. 1 attack. (DCPI)

My view: I hope this thugs go to jail for a very long time, as they are a danger to society, maybe they had demonic snake venom as milk when they were babies, they're pure evil.

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