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WATCH: Prince Harry, 33, and his fame-hungry fiancee Meghan Markle, 36, visit Cardiff Castle

Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle were greeted by Hundreds of people at Cardiff Castle on their first official visit to Wales.

The pair arrived to huge cheers, an hour late after their train from London to Cardiff was delayed.

After meeting members of the public, Harry and Meghan joined a festival celebrating Welsh culture inside the castle.

The loved-up hand holding duo will then visit Tremorfa's Star Hub leisure centre.

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See reactions from the public:

Source: Mail

Blue Plantagenet

Cruelty free stance and passion for animals LOL. She abandoned one of her dogs and the other is so well cared for it has two broken legs! And she is way too old and too experienced to be acting coyly. My personal theory is that Harry has chosen her to avenge the death of his mother by bringing down the monarchy.

Robert Sobotor, Atlanta, United States

I've just got this feeling that she is bad news for the prince.

Hypsy, Summerland, United Kingdom

She very rarely looks at him.

Aquarius Chic, Sydney, Australia

That's because she's in the door now and has got what she wanted.. Buckingham Palace (it's no small chance she had her photo taken outside Buckingham Palace when she was only 15!

Ellen, Northumberland, United Kingdom

The constant simpering over Harry, coy looks, head on the side, little waves and pretence shyness are just disingenuous. This is a woman who was happy to act out a pretence of giving a blow j*b on film on Beverly Hills 90210.

Marie, Chicago

Ohhhh dear, Harry's male pattern baldness is starting. Can't say I've noticed it before. Don't really care, I love Harry+Meghan & Will+Kate. But it's the end of an era!! And now I feel old.

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