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RAF Mildenhall: Shots fired in security alert at US Suffolk airbase

A US air base in the UK was placed "on lockdown" after a driver reportedly tried to ram a car through the gates before being fired at by security staff.hes from a plane.

Shots were fired at the 44-year-old suspect as the US Air Force (USAF) base in Suffolk was placed on lockdown with the Ministry of Defence declaring a "significant security incident", reports BBC,

Base security vehicles were seen surrounding the plane at RAF Mildenhall after an intruder tried to ram a checkpoint

Dramatic footage has emerged showing USAF security troops surrounding a swivel-rotor Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey aircraft as Brit cops and the MoD rushed to the scene.

Vehicles with flashing lights rushed to the state-of-the-art military "heli-plane" - also used by the SAS.

A British man has been arrested on suspicion of criminal trespass as Suffolk Police launch an investigation assisted by "other law enforcement agencies". Cops have said the incident is not being treated as terrorism.

The suspect was apprehended with "cuts and bruises" after locals reported hearing gunshots at about 1.40pm on Monday. It has not been revealed how far into the base the intruder had reached.

There was "no obvious motive at this stage", he said, adding there was no wider threat to the public or the base and police were not looking for anyone else.

The vehicle was brought to a halt close to a US plane, an Osprey, and it was not thought there was "any significant damage" to the vehicle or the aircraft, Supt Warner said.

Suffolk Police was notified about a breach of security at about 13:40 GMT.

"Shots were fired by US security, I don't know how many, but I do know that shots were fired," Supt Warner said.

"It would be fair to say some of the minor injuries were probably as a result of him being apprehended," he added.

The superintendent said there would now be an internal investigation by the US airbase into why guns were discharged.

Culled from BBC

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