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I prefer my secret lover to my future fiancée after our great no-strings romp — and I feel so confus

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAVE found someone I can have great no-strings sex with. And I enjoy sex with her more than with the girl I’m supposed to be getting engaged to.

My regular girlfriend and I have been together for 11 months. She is 21, I am 22. We plan to get engaged in March on her birthday.

I love having sex with my lover more than my girlfriend

But when we argue she always insists I am the one who must change. If I suggest she does something differently, she says I shouldn’t be with her if I don’t love her as she is.

This is even the case during sex. I am always the one who should do things differently.

I had begun to accept this is how things are in relationships. She is my first serious girlfriend so I had nothing to compare with.

Then I was in the pub with some mates one evening. They were all talking about the football.

I love my girlfriend but the sex with my friend with benefits is just too good

It was not a match I was really interested in so I sat nearby and found myself next to a girl, sitting alone and dabbing her eyes with a tissue. Her companions had left. She was obviously in a state so I asked her what the matter was and heard her life story — a string of not very likeable men.

She couldn’t go home alone like that so I offered to walk with her.

She invited me in. Again, she was in no fit state to be alone so I accepted. We ended up having sex and it was so different from with my girlfriend. It felt fantastic.

I've been seeing my lover every week and I look forward to it every time

She suggested I go round again the following week after work.

Since then we have been meeting for sex regularly. She’s 20 and says she’s not ready for another relationship yet, but seeing her is the highlight of my week.

I don’t know what to do. I love my girlfriend but sex with my FWB (friend with benefits) is out of this world.

DEIDRE SAYS: This isn’t just about sex. What has been keeping you with your girlfriend and has made you decide to ask her to marry you?

If she is the sort of person who can only see the need for change in the other person, that could spell decades of being unhappy – or divorce.

It would be best to break up with her, unless she has some wonderful qualities you’ve not told me about or she realises this is a wake-up call and relationships demand give and take.

Source: The Sun

My view: You can still marry your girlfriend and have the other woman for benefit, some married men keep mistresses because their wives are not just interested in sex with them anymore, while some do it as a status symbol especially the rich ones, and they end up marrying the mistress as a second wife. Or you tell your girlfriend the truth, that you cannot continue with the relationship.

What do you think?

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