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The former Scottish Labour leader, Kezia Dugdale has bragged that she will be receiving a large fee for her appearance on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

Member of the Scottish Parliament Dugdale traveled to Australia last week to take part in the reality show against the wishes of her party.

But Ms Dugdale, who will be leaving her constituents without an MP for three weeks, has defended her decision to appear on the show - pledging to donate her tax-payer funded salary to the Rock Trust homeless charity for the duration of her time away, reports Daily Mail.

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She told the Sun, : 'There’s no doubt that I’m receiving a fee for this in return for being away for three weeks, so I’m not suggesting for a second that the sums involved are in any sense small.'

She also said she plans to donate some of her ITV fee but did not say how much.

'I haven’t settled what portion will go to charity yet as there’s lots of things I have to do like pay taxes,' she added.

“I’ll do that on return but I have already paid my salary in advance. Raising money for charity is part of the reason I’m doing this.”

The 36-year-old upset party bosses as they refused her request to appear on the show

Kezia says she will donate her parliamentary salary that she would have earned while on the show

The MSP for Lothian insisted she could not be accused of moonlighting. She said: “No, this isn’t a second job, this is three weeks out of my work, because I’ve given my salary away.”

She added: “The minute I get back I am going to go straight from the airport into the parliament and vote.

There are no major pieces of legislation that

I am going to miss in the three weeks that I am here. I will be back in time to vote in the budget and I will face my constituents then.

“I will be interested to hear people’s opinions on the world, I guess we are going to spend a lot of time in the camp just talking, trying to pass the time because we don’t have our phones or magazine or books or anything like that.

“So that is part of the appeal seeing people from all walks of life that I would otherwise never meet. I totally understand and fully expect that it is hugely controversial at home.”

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Reactions from social media users:

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My view: Kezia Dugdale is just seeking for attention, so she can become a bona-fide celebrity, she claims she is doing it for charity and that she wants to 'meet people from all walks of life, that I would otherwise never meet', is she being serious? or maybe because she lives in the cocoon world of out of touch politicians, who don't know how the real people that earn £8 per hour struggle with their pay-cheques. The real people she needs to meet are the people in her constituent who are finding it hard to pay their gas bill, Council tax, electricity bill, rent and their grocery shopping, most of who are low-income earners that have no children and are not getting enough help, not the spoilt celebs who gets paid between £100,000 to £1 million for eating grasshoppers and beans in the jungle for three weeks. MPs shouldn't be paid for reality shows if they want to do it and become a celebrity, they should quit their prestigious job. That is why voters don't take politicians seriously anymore, some of them are clowns dressed as politicians, Donald Trump and Nigerian Senator Dino Melaye are the ring leaders.

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