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DEAR DEIDRE: I HAD mind-blowing sex with my ex-boyfriend’s best mate – and I am tempted to do it again.

The problem is I’m scared my ex will find out, which would be really bad news.

I recently had the most mind-blowing sex with my ex-boyfriend's best mate

I’m 22 and my ex is 24. I went out with him for a year.

It was great for a while but then it got a bit scary. I never knew what to expect when he walked in through the door.

He accused me of flirting and cheating with men down the pub, though I was very careful when he wasn’t around and would never cheat anyway.

When he got drunk he would push me around and I didn’t feel safe. It took courage to finish with him, so I said he was a great guy but I needed to be on my own.

He hasn't stopped calling me since our passionate night together

He didn’t like it one bit. He came round to my flat late one evening and when I opened the door, he looked really mean.

He said he had something to show me.

I tried to shut the door but he forced his way in and he hit me quite hard. Luckily he’d left the front door open and my neighbour could see there was trouble.

He called the police and my ex was arrested for assault.

I'm tempted to do it again but all hell will break loose if my were to find out

A couple of weeks after that, his mate came to my flat to see how I was, as he said he was worried about me. He’s 29.

I let him in as I’d always thought he was cute and we had a few beers.

I ended up sleeping with him and it was the best sex I’d ever had. He now keeps phoning me and saying he wants to come round.

I’d love a repeat of that night but I know he’s married, with two young daughters.

He says he can see me two nights a week but I’m frightened my ex would find out.