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Brexit: Theresa May says 'important progress' made at EU summit

Theresa May has said "important progress" on Brexit was made at last week's EU summit - but Jeremy Corbyn said it sounded like "Groundhog Day".

The PM said she had a "degree of confidence" of making enough progress by December to begin trade talks.

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She also said there would be no "physical infrastructure" on the border in Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, the EU Commission president dismissed a German newspaper's account of his dinner with the PM.

"Nothing is true in all of this," Jean-Claude Juncker said, rejecting the article's claims Mrs May "begged for help" when they met and seemed tired and politically weak.

After five rounds of UK-EU talks, there has been no breakthrough in the first phase of negotiations between the UK and the EU.

At the summit, the other 27 EU leaders decided progress on the Brexit separation issues had not been "sufficient" to open talks on future trade relations with the UK yet - but they did agree to discuss future arrangements amongst themselves, paving the way for talks with the UK to possibly begin in December.

Businesses are calling for urgent agreement in setting up temporary transition arrangements after the UK's departure date in March 2019.

But some pro-EU MPs expressed concern that the UK could leave without one in place, after Mrs May suggested it was dependent on details of the final "partnership" being clear.

"The point of the implementation period is to put in place the practical changes necessary to move to the future partnership," she said as she updated MPs on last week's summit.

"In order to have that, you need to know what the future partnership is going to be."

Mrs May also said the question of citizens' rights after Brexit remained her "first priority", with a deal within "touching distance", and pledged that EU nationals living in the UK would not face "bureaucratic hurdles" after March 2019.

Culled from BBC

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