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Bobrisky mocks Linda Ikeji’s younger brother for ‘begging for followers’ in return for iPhones (What

Linda Ikeji’s younger brother, Peks Ikeji few days ago took to his Instagram to ask his followers to help make his followers up to a 100k in exchange for 100 iPhones to 100 of them.

Here is what Peks who currently has 42k followers posted below…

Well, Bobrisky wasted no time to write this about Peks Ikeji

Nigerian self-acclaimed male barbie, Bobrisky abandoned his popular public Snapchat account weeks ago in order to operate a private pay per view account.

This came with a price tag of 10,000 naira per viewer, but it looks like Nigerians refused to pay up.

In order to still remain famous on social media, Bobrisky has now shamefully reverse to his public account and asking his fans to share his post so those that left him can come back .

My opinion: Bobrisky is a hypocrite, he begs followers to pay N10,000 (£22) to watch him on premium Snapchat but when majority of his fans refused to pay and he noticed that some of his followers were leaving, he then changed back to public snap and asked them to share his post, The Nigerian male barbie is like a pot calling the kettle names. He has indirectly helped the guy get free publicity through the media and he will get the 100k followers.

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