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Got my colleague pregnant and she’s going to pass it off as her husband’s (That's cruel of her)

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAD sex a few times with a married woman at work when I was depressed. Now she is pregnant by me but she’s going to pass it off as her husband’s.

I’m 29 and my fiancée left me for another guy.

I realise now I had withdrawn into myself.

My fiancée said I just wasn’t the man she had fallen for any more — plus she said the other guy was much better in bed.

I was brought up in care so my fiancée was everything to me but I felt too humiliated to talk to my mates about what went wrong.

I was very low but thought it best to keep going to try to take my mind off things.

One of my colleagues said she could see I was feeling down and suggested we go out for a drink after work. She coaxed it all out of me and I poured my heart out to her.

She is 24 and married but they were going through a bad patch.

She told me all about her husband and the problems they were having.