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Nigerian singer, David Adeleke aka Davido has hired a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), from the law firm of Norrison Quakers to handle the issue of Tagbo Umeike’s death, for now, in the court of public opinion.

Quakers released a statement on behalf for their famous client and maintaining his innocence.

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Quakers said, Davido was never arrested by the police but he made himself available to the police in order to assist with investigations.

The firm also stated that the video footage and other evidence in the custody of the police do not incriminate his client but rather help to promote his innocence.

The lawyer also states that Davido was never aware that his Toyota Hilux pilot vehicle was used to convey Tagbo to the hospital and that he never gave the order.

According to the statement, “It is unfortunate that the stories making the news and social media seek to portray our client as a liar and a callous friend.

We wish to state unequivocally and on behalf of our client that he was not present at the time of death of the deceased, neither did he give anyone directions or instructions to take the remains of the deceased to the hospital or morgue.

“Our client had no knowledge of the deceased’s movement after he last saw him at “The Shisha Room”. Rather it was friends of the deceased (who out of concern) and without our Client’s knowledge drove the deceased in the (deceased’s car) to the hospital, while our clients police details escorted the deceased’s car in our client’s pickup truck. This they did because they knew the deceased to be their Boss’ friend and were merely helping a fellow human being in need.”

Davido also released footage on his Instagram of the events leading up to Tagbo’s death

Watch Tagbo's last moment as he appeared drunk and he was being led away by a man, as they all dispersed

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Scroll for video

My opinion: The video does not exonerate anyone, it clearly showed that Tagbo was drunk and he wasn't dying, he was staggering and pushing some people, they should have taken Tagbo home, he wasn't suffocating in the video, so what happened after they all dispersed?. Davido should stop releasing video that has to do with his case, let the police do their job, because the more you release your videos, it leads to more questions being asked, why and when did Tagbo died later after he was led away in the video. Let your lawyers do the talking. And as for the bar and barman that allegedly served Tagbo the shots, they should be sued by his family on grounds of health and safety. It has been public relations disaster for Davido.

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