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I got my dad’s sexy widow pregnant and now my family has shunned me

DEAR DEIDRE I GOT my dad’s widow pregnant and now the rest of my family have turned against me.

I’m 27. My parents split up when I was 20 and my little brother was just 12.

I got my dad's widow pregnant two years after he died in a car accident

He stayed with my mum, who had a new partner, but I was away at university at the time. I’m now an IT engineer.

My dad was 45 when he remarried four years ago. His wife was 35. I’d never seen Dad happier than their wedding day.

His wife fell pregnant a year later and when the baby was due, I stayed at their house in case of an emergency because Dad was in Ireland with work.

When his wife went into labour, I called him but he couldn’t get home quickly because of fog on the runway.

I was babysitting my half-brother one night, when she came back drunk and we ended up having sex

His wife said she was terrified — and so was I. She said she could feel the baby’s head so I helped deliver my half-brother on the bathroom floor.