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Factory worker wins £10k compensation after boss wrote filthy birthday message in a card

A factory worker has been awarded £10,000 after her boss wrote a lewd message in her birthday card.

Lisa Vickers was given the card for her 40th birthday from colleagues at The Biscuit Works factory in Ashton-under-Lyne.

But she was mortified when sales administration manager Dave Ravenscroft wrote: 'Lisa it's your birthday, I bet you're thrilled to bits, but not as much as I would be if I could feel your T**S!!!'

Ms Vickers claims she was subjected to a campaign of sexual harassment by Mr Ravenscroft, 58.

Ms Vickers, who is now 42, resigned from her job as a production operator in March.

Dave Ravenscroft, miss Vickers former boss

She claimed the final straw came when Mr Ravenscroft 'leered at her 17-year-old daughter' when she arrived to meet her mother from work one day.

Ms Vickers told the tribunal Mr Ravenscroft would make comments on his rounds across the shop floor each day, with remarks including: 'How big are your t**s?', 'Can I put my head between them?', 'I bet your husband enjoys them'.

She claims he also said: 'If you go out for a drink would you let me buy you one? Would you let me do anything else?'

Mr Ravenscroft said his comments were not made in a sexual way and Ms Vickers joined in with the office 'banter'.

Upholding her sexual harassment claim, the Manchester employment tribunal awarded £10,000 for inj­ury to feelings.

It rejected claims of victimisation, constructive unfair dismissal and racism.

Lisa Vickers, pictured here with her partner, claims she was subjected to a campaign of sexual harassment

Ms Vickers was awarded the payout after the lewd message was left in a card from Dave Ravenscroft, her boss at The Biscuit Works factory in Ashton-under-Lyne (pictured)

Culled from Daily Mail

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