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Evil Vegas shooter's body is seen splayed on his hotel room floor next to assault rifles, ammo a

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New photos show the shocking scene SWAT teams encountered when they blew the door off the Las Vegas shooter's room and found him dead inside - as authorities reveal the mass murderer set up cameras in a door peephole and on a room service cart outside the room to warn him when police were coming.

The photos, leaked Tuesday, show Stephen Paddock's body on the floor of his suite in the Mandalay Bay resort and casino, which he used as a sniper's nest on Sunday night to open fire on 22,000 innocent people attending a music festival across the street.

Only the 64-year-old's legs, torso and left arm are visible in the photo, and he wears a typical outfit for a retiree: a brown long-sleeve t-shirt, black slacks and slip on loafers with white socks. The only thing that reveals his nefarious actions are the black gloves he's wearing.

Next to him, on a table, is what looks like a note written on pink paper, underneath what appears to be either an ashtray or a roll of green tape. Police have not yet remarked on what - if anything - the paper might say.

On the floor next to the body are two assault rifles, dozens of spent shells and a hammer - which he presumably used to shatter two windows in his two-room suite which he then used to shoot out of.

One of the assault rifles has a 'bump stock' added to it - making effectively fully automatic - allowing him to unleash hundreds of rounds per minute.

The branding on the gun indicates it was made by Daniel Defense, a Savannah-Georgia-based company which produces variants of the AR-15 rifle, based off the U.S. Army's M16. Another gun appears to be under his body.