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Amazon Primed: As Jihadi bomb kit like one used for Manchester Arena terror attack were bought on Am

According the The Sun, it is easy for terrorists to purchase bomb kit on the internet without being detected.

The publication purchased the ingredients, which could make an IED like the one that killed 22 people at the Manchester Arena, without proper security checks from online giant Amazon.

Amazon has been labelled “the terrorist’s best friend” after selling all the parts required to build a deadly nail bomb to The Sun in a single order for £95.

It is unbelievable that Amazon did absolutely nothing to halt the purchase or alert officials.

Tory MP Alec Shelbrooke told The Sun: “It shows once again that internet firms aren’t playing by the rules. I would go as far as to say that Amazon is aiding and abetting terrorism.”

The Sun decided not to show detail components for the "Mother of Satan"-style IED in full.

Here are pictures showing The Sun's private investigator Chris Hunter, discussing some aspects of the bomb making ingredients

Former Military Intelligence explosives expert Major Chris Hunter said: “The fact that The Sun has managed to buy all of this in one go is truly terrifying.

“With relaxed security like this, Amazon really could be considered the terrorist’s best friend.”

He added: “This is really nasty stuff. The Sun’s managed to obtain lethal quantities of these chemicals that, when put together, could kill dozens and maim many more.

“Looking at all the material acquired, I estimate you’d be able to produce a device similar to those used on 7/7 which were able to destroy Tube carriages and a bus.

“How a multi-billion pound corporation can sell this without flagging it up to intelligence services beggars belief. They need to take a look at themselves and ensure it never happens again.”

The Sun said they, 'used an account on Amazon set up that afternoon and bought the items', flagged on government warning lists.

See pictures of the items:

A similar style nail bomb was used at the Manchester Arena terror attack which killed 22 people

It is so scary and shocking to know that anyone can purchase dangerous bomb kit from Amazon without going through security checks. The Sun did a good job reporting this.

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