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INAPPROPRIATE STEP-KIDSMy partner’s teenage daughters are all over me like a rash when she’s out

Dear Deidre

MY partner’s daughters are all over me when my partner is out. I don’t know what to do.

I’m a 43-year-old guy. My partner is 39. We have been together for eight years and have a great relationship.

When my partner is around, things are great, but when she goes out her daughters are all over me (stock image)

My partner has two girls aged 19 and 16. I’m always being told that I look ten years younger than my age and that I’m fit.

My problem is that whenever my partner is out, her girls are all over me like a rash. I have tried to talk to them about it but they just say they are having a laugh.

It isn’t funny for me. I don’t know how to approach this without it causing a feud.