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After twenty years together, my partner, 59, text to say he’d moved out of our home and into his 25-

Dear Deidre

MY partner has left me after 18 years to date a girl half his age.

After 20 years together, my partner left our home to move into his 25-year-old girlfriend's

I’m 52 and he’s 59. Since he left, I’ve been struggling to cope.

I run my own gardening business and he sells upmarket homeware online.

Perhaps I should have expected he’d do this one day as he abandoned his wife and two children a long time ago. He was divorced before he met me.

When we first got together, he said he’d made a mistake when he married and wished he’d met me at the start.

I’ve been so happy with him. We’ve worked very hard and have made a good life together.

The past year has been tough though. I’ve been feeling my age (menopause) but I’ve carried on working and dreamed of us retiring together happily one day.