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Nigerian Senator Dino Melaye shared this picture and captioned ” Looking down at the devil and his emissaries”.

His constituency petitioned for him to be recalled from the Senate some months back and he is still fighting that battle, I Guess he is looking down ‘at’ those that masterminded it, and also millions of jobless Nigerians he along with his Senate colleagues has shortchanged with their mouth-watering over $73,000 N40million a-month salary.

Dino he's a thug and Senate clown

Senator Dino Melaye allegedly made vile comment to a female Senator, that he'll 'beat her up and impregnate her and nothing will happen'

Here is Mrs Tinubu's statement:

She gave her account of the clash.“I was duly recognized to speak by the Senate President, after Senator Dino Melaye had spoken and berated some Senate colleagues over their perceived roles in the judicial case involving the Senate leadership,” she wrote in the letter to Mr. Oyegun.

“Although I remained silent and attempted no interjection during his statement, Senator Dino Melaye tried to abridge my right as a Senator by hectoring at me and interrupting my contribution. At one point, I cautioned him about the use of his language and the threats made, reminding him other Senators were there with equal right as he and represented their constituents.

“In a burst of apparent rage, Senator Melaye charged at me in what can only be seen as effort to attack me. The attack was only prevented by some respectful Senators who moved to impede his path or otherwise block him from approaching closer towards me. I thank those Senators for their personal courage and sense of decorum. Senator Melaye hurled foul and vulgar language at me. What he said should never be heard in any public institution let alone the floor of the Senate. Denigrating me as a woman, Senator Melaye threatened to beat me on the floor of the Senate just because I dared to express my opinion different from his.

Dino pictured as he showed off his exotic car

Scroll down and watch Dino Melaye's fight when he was a member of House of Representative

“I am both a ranking Senator and a woman. But Senator Melaye took neither into consideration as he issued threats of rape and assault, while boasting he would face no consequence even if he fulfilled these criminal threats,” Mrs. Tinubu narrated.