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South Africa’s Welfare Success Story II: Poverty-Reducing Social Grants (This is what the heartless

South Africa Welfare system is a successful one, because serving politicians put ordinary people first 75% of the time, unlike the greedy Nigerian politicians who puts themselves first all the time, they don't even give crumbs to jobless and disabled people.

The picture showed the poor state of streets in Nigeria while past and present serving politicians live in luxury and flaunts their wealth on social media. Top left pictured is Senator Dino Melaye, who shows off his loot from the senate's ridiculous over $73,000 a-month N40million wages.

Despite being a middle-income country, by international standards South Africa has an extensive and progressively targeted social security system. But is the scheme genuinely contributing to declining levels of poverty and inequality in the country? And what of the concerns that grants and social assistance is an aggravating cause of the structural disequilibrium evident in the South African labor market (Source: Brookings)

In 1980, the South African government committed itself to removing racial barriers in terms of many of its social benefits programs. By 1993, all individuals in need were more or less receiving the same grant level per beneficiary. This investment in the people of South Africa was well worth it—ensuring a better quality of life than any would have experienced without access to a grant, as well as the assistance given in terms of access to health services and education. South Africa’s social grant network has since grown to be among the largest in the developing world and, for this financial year, the scheme’s expenditure is projected to reach $12 billion. (Source: Brookings)

See pictures of slum streets in Lagos

More importantly though, the system of social grants in South Africa is well targeted, ensuring that the elderly, the disabled and those looking after children receive a cash transfer of some form. The number of people receiving grants increased from 2.4 million in 1998 to 16 million in 2011. In terms of the number of grant recipients and the proportion by type of grant, the largest are made up of the child support grants (71 percent), old age grants (18 percent) and disability grants (7 percent). Others include the foster care grant and the care dependency grant. While the public discourse on social grants is often critical and negative, research indicates that social grants have actually had a tremendous and noticeably positive socio-economic impact on poverty and inequality outcomes in South Africa. (Source: Brookings)

Ultimately, social grants stabilized income levels of the poor in the post-apartheid era in South Africa. Figure 1 below presents a picture of annual household real income growth between 1995 and 2010 for the 2nd to the 5th decile of the income distribution—including and excluding cash transfers in total household income. The figure clearly shows that the inclusion of social grant income kept real household income relatively stable across the distribution. However, had income grants not been available, real household income would have declined for those in the 2nd and 3rd decile by 12 percent and 7 percent per annum, respectively. (Source: Brookings)

In addition to being well targeted and contributing to declining levels of poverty and inequality in South African society, the social grant scheme is also accepted as one of the most technologically advanced in the world. The use of a biometric system of ATM-driven cash advances to recipients in all parts of South Africa, for example, has drawn international acclaim in terms of its innovation, accessibility and safety. (Source: Brookings)

Micro-econometric evidence further indicates that social grants aid investment expenditure by poor households and aid job search behavior among the unemployed. There is also very little evidence of labor supply disincentive effects arising out of the allocation of a grant [1][2]. Ultimately, the structural disequilibrium in the South African labor market cannot be viewed as arising from the country’s extensive and progressively targeted social assistance scheme. In fact, social assistance may well be just what many in South Africa need, enabling them to actively pursue a job search, move out of a poverty trap, and take control of and direct their futures, instead of being slaves to the circumstances in which they were born. (Source: Brookings)

For so many years subsequent Nigerian Government refused to introduce Social Grants or Income and Housing Support that would help alleviate extreme poverty in the country, Instead of doing the right thing politicians only concentrate in looting the country's wealth for themselves and their families.

I don't understand why some private individuals like Folorunsho Alakija gets to keep 60% stake of oil block that belongs to all Nigerians, just because she is a family friend to former Nigerian president, Ibrahim Babangida and she used to make clothes for his late wife Mariam, as a taylor and now a billionaire. Alakija is worth a staggering $1.73-$2.1billion according to Forbes. Her son's Lavish Blenheim Palace wedding event cost estimated £5million, which was covered in most of the news media in UK. It is a big joke in a country where millions face abject poverty.

Past Nigerian military leaders like Ibrahim Babangida, Olusegun Obasanjo, late evil leader General Sani Abacha who alone stole $6.5billion, issued oil license to their friends to front for them so they won't be linked with corruption.

A total of £300billion has been looted from oil revenue by evil and wicked leaders, Ministers, Governors, some public servants in Government parastatals and Lawmakers in Nigeria, while helpless citizens suffer.

The former Petroleum Minister Alison Diezani-Madueke stole billions in foreign currency, makes one wonder if her breasts milk was poisoned with snake venom that she has no human feelings for desperate mothers, children, jobless Nigerians and University students who have no Maintenance Grants and tuition fee loans like their South African counterparts, God will surely help and save Nigeria from selfish and greedy morons who calls themselves politicians.

Nigerian Senator Dino Melaye pictured as he showed off his exotic car on social media. His salary is over $73,000 a-month (N40million) while millions of his fellow countrymen, women and children live in extreme poverty.

Jobless and Desperate Nigerians don't get help with Social Grants from the Government, as it is not a priority for the heartless lawmakers and the Executive.

Hunger has many impacts and reflecting in high rates of diseases and mortality, limited neurological development and low productivity among current and future generations. “It is also a major constraint to a country’s ability to develop economically, socially, and politically. Women and children living in Nigeria are most vulnerable to the broad and devastating effects of hunger.

University students don't receive Maintenance grants and loan to pay their tuition fees, in a country where the former Petroleum Minister, Alison Diezani Madueke stole billions of hard currency, and a woman like Folorunsho Alakija gets to have oil license and keep 60% of the stake, and the second richest woman after Alakija is Bola Shagaya an oil tycoon also a close family friend of Babangida. As far back as the late 1980s, during the Gen. Ibrahim Babangida-led military administration, she had stirred her oil and gas company, she is worth almost $1.1billion. Also former first Lady Patience Jonathan looted lots of money and opened many fraudulent accounts in other people's names, the EFCC managed to recover about $70million from the useless former first lady.

Scroll down and watch this important video, you need to see it, then you'll understand why past and present Nigerian leaders have woefully failed the people they pretend they were protecting and serving and the current Government is deliberately ignoring those that are suffering while president Buhari spent over £5million for treatment in London.

Scroll for video

Nigeria's so called richest woman Folorunsho Alakija family friend of evil genius Ibrahim Babangida, she got her oil license through him, from being a tailor to making billions from oil. You just wonder how an individual can own 60% of oil allocation, making billions while desperate Nigerians suffer in extreme poverty.

Under EFCC investigation- Oil mogul Bola Shagaya best friend of Patience Jonathan and family friend of former president Babangida

Also former first Lady Patience Jonathan looted lots of money and opened many fraudulent accounts in other people's names, the EFCC managed to recover about $70million from the useless former first lady.

Evil Former Nigerian Petroleum Minister Alison Diezani-Madueke, stole billions in hard currency more than the late former president Sani Abacha

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo was investigated by the US Government in relation to the Halliburton Bribery Scandal, and it is reported that the former president is not innocent either.

Obasanjo was only interested in making 50 Nigerians billionaires, but he managed to make 25 of his cronies billionaires, while he ignored ordinary Nigerians as he completely refused to implement Social Grants. And because of Obasanjo and other greedy leaders, mothers, children, University students, jobless people and the disabled are suffering.

Late Former president Sani Abacha (left) and ex president Ibrahim Babangida, both thieves. As for Babangida he used his friends that were issued oil license to loot Nigeria dry, while late Abacha didn't care, he personally stole over $6billion.

Former president Obasanjo (centre) bragged about making 25 Nigerians billionaires while he neglected millions of Nigerians suffering today because of him and his cronies and those fronting for him.

"One of the greatest responsibilities of a leader is to undertake challenging goals that involve positive change. But the crop of leaders this country has had since independence are without doubt, the worst pragmatic example of a leader. Accepting whatever todays government tells you as regard fighting corruption, instituting better administration and providing a safe heaven for its citizens will be one of the greatest mistake you will make as a Nigerian and a living organism. There are a host of other players that contributed to the dilapidated state of the nation today. However, these ones are the processor vacuum which every other chips falls to.

"There are a host of other players that contributed to the dilapidated state of the nation today. However, these ones are the processor vacuum which every other chips falls to" (by

Ms. Oduah was removed from office in February 2014 after she was found to have received armoured BMW cars, worth N255million, from an agency she supervised.

The corrupt moron is still a senator, earning over $73,000 a-month N40million

They all want to be Senators in order to loot more money.

Nigerian lawmakers have no conscience, heart and soul, they are all pen terrorists.

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