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Nigeria: Armed robber expresses pain and shock after thieves burgled his own house

A robbery suspect, Azeez Folarin, has narrated how his house furnished with the proceeds of crime was burgled in Ibadan and the items carted away by robbers who apparently had no respect for one of their own.

The 25-year suspect, popularly known as I-Pad, said he had been operating in the underworld for over two years and belonged to a robbery gang operating in Lagos, Ogun and Oyo states.

According to Folarin, he rented an apartment in Ibadan and furnished it. Asked how he felt after his property was carted away, the Ogun State College of Education dropout said he felt hurt‎ and shocked that such could also happen to him.

He, however, said the incident did not weigh him down much as he continued his trade in the underworld until he met his Waterloo during a robbery operation on February 25‎ in Ogun State.

Source: YabaLeft

That's karma, whatever goes around comes around