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'Big school for my gorgeous Klay': Coleen Rooney puts aside marriage-split rumours as she tw

Coleen Rooney has today put her marriage-woes aside to tweet a photograph of her four-year-old son dressed in his new uniform before writing: 'Big school for my gorgeous Klay!!'

The pregnant mother-of-three had just confronted her husband Wayne over the night he allegedly 'kissed and hugged' an office worker and friends said she demanded to know: 'How many other times have you done this?'

Wayne, 31, who was charged with drink driving, was reportedly seen still wearing his wedding ring when he was arriving at Everton's training ground in Liverpool in his black Range Rover on Tuesday morning.

Coleen - who is pregnant with their fourth child - usually posts pictures of her children to her 1.28million followers but this is the first time she has shared one since her husband's arrest.

Klay has started at The Ryleys School in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, where fees are £3,420 per term for reception to Year 2 - equating to more than £10,000 a year.

Coleen, 31, was said to have taken off her £250,000 bespoke wedding ring and £200,000 engagement ring as she and her husband held crisis talks at their £6 million marital home in Cheshire yesterday.

According to The Daily Mail, a family friend said yesterday: 'She is seriously considering divorce and their marriage is hanging by a thread.

Laura Simpson, 29, had allowed Rooney to drive her away in her car after meeting at a nightclub – and claimed she would have had sex with him if they had not been stopped by police.

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Coleen is said to have been left distraught after a string of tawdry claims by the party girl and asked her husband, 'How many girls are there?'

Mrs Rooney has discarded two diamond-encrusted bands according to The Sun, with a friend saying: 'Stepping out in public without her ring sends a clear message to Wayne — enough is enough, this time things might have gone too far.'

A friend told the Mirror: 'As far as Coleen is concerned she has just moved back into her own home but she is still in turmoil and doesn't believe Wayne's story. She's been saying to him, 'How many other times have you done this?'

After Coolen posted the picture of her son on her Twitter page, one user said: 'Well that ain't the uniform of the local comprehensive!?'

But she hit back and wrote: 'Well he wouldn't be going to comprehensive school would he.... he's only 4??? Smart get!!!'

Miss Simpson, a single mother of one, from Irlam, near Manchester, told MailOnline that she would have slept with Rooney if he had not been arrested behind the wheel of her VW Beetle car in the early hours of Friday morning.

It has since been revealed Rooney may have only been stopped by police initially because of a faulty £4 brake light on Ms Simpson's car.

Had it not been for the minor traffic violation, officers in Cheshire may not have stopped the footballer in Cheshire on Friday night, according to The Mirror.

A set of two replacement brake light bulbs for a VW Beetle cost just £4 at Halfords.

Mrs Rooney, who has been with her husband of nine years since they were 16 and stood by him when he was caught using prostitutes, is said to have broken down, yelling: 'How could you do this to me while I'm pregnant?

'How could you be so stupid? The world is laughing at me because of you.'

Mrs Rooney has reportedly told friends she 'wants to believe' her husband did nothing more than ogle Ms Simpson, but fears he may have gone further if he had not been stopped by police.

Wayne with his wife Coleen Rooney pictured together in 2016

Laura Simpson the lady Wayne Rooney was driving home when the police hit him with drink-driving charge

It comes after MailOnline revealed that Ms Simpson is a member of a 'sugar daddy' website searching for a £6,000-a-month man to 'financially dominate'.

On it, she describes herself as 'a bit of a doll' with 'plenty of time for fun' on Seeking Arrangement and revealed to us she 'would have sh*****' the footballer had police not pulled them over.

She claimed: 'I was up for it and so was he until he got arrested for drink driving. It spoiled the night.'

Ms Simpson signed up for website Seeking Arrangement - which allows for so-called 'sugar babies' to be financially compensated for spending time with older men - just two weeks before her late-night tryst with Rooney.

Daily Mail reports that, After news of Laura's night with Rooney broke, Miss Simpson also claimed yesterday that a friend of Rooney threatened her by text message: 'Don't dare sell your story to the papers. You know what will happen.

'You'll be making more s*** for him and he doesn't need it.'

She claimed: 'I wasn't thinking about his wife Coleen and neither was he. He didn't even mention her or the new baby she's expecting.

'All the footballers are the same and I have stories about a few household and up-and-coming names, they're just after one thing only.'

Laura Simpson, 29, described herself as 'a bit of a doll' with 'plenty of time for fun' while advertising herself to potential lovers on her Seeking Arrangement profile, pictured Culled from Daily Mail

My opinion: My advice to Coleen Rooney, there is no point in asking your husband how many times he has cheated on you, or how many times he has fondled boobs and kiss a lady, and how many ladies he has done it with. You will only end up hurting yourself the more you want to know, and believe me, you will never forget even if you forgive him, and it could lead to divorce in future. So what you don't know will not harm you, it's only when you're inquisitive that you get hurt. Get this right, your husband is a cheat and he'll remain a cheat and he will never change come rain come shine, so take him for who he is or move on but remember you have very young kids that needs both of you 24/7, don't dump him because of an irrelevant woman who doesn't mean anything to him but just for one "thing" according to her, and we all know what that is.