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I had fantastic sex with a girl I met in the pub – but only because I’m frustrated at home

Dear Deidre

I HAD great sex with a girl I’d just met in the pub – but I only did it because I’m frustrated at home.

I’m 23 and work for a finance company. My girlfriend is 21 and a student.

It went like a dream and I climaxed with her like the stud I used to be

We’ve been together for two years and the first year was amazing. We were compatible on every level, especially in bed.

It was going so well but then she got pregnant. She was on the Pill but had a vomiting bug and we didn’t realise that meant the Pill was unlikely to work.

We both knew we were too young to be parents. We didn’t discuss it for long and she ended the pregnancy — no drama, no fuss.

I thought we’d simply get on with our lives but my feelings towards her have changed.

I still love her to bits and I want to share my life with her.