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Sarah Harding, 35, shocked fans by uttering a 'homophobic slur' during a foul-mouthed rant as her boyfriend Chad Johnson chatted to fans on Facebook Live on Sunday.

And before filming the shocking video the former Girls Aloud singer and her Bachelor beau, 30, put on a show of unity as they left their hotel together.

Sarah could be seen holding hands with her Celebrity Big Brother co-star, before rubbing his back tenderly.

Having spent two nights at the hotel after leaving the show, which Sarah was crowned champion, they piled their luggage into a car before heading off.

Sarah looked very relaxed in Chad's company, she donned a zebra print T-shirt which was covered in sequins.

She completed her look with a pair of baggy tracksuit pants and sliders, hiding her eyes behind vintage monochrome sunglasses.

Her boyfriend also kept things simple in a tracksuit and red baseball cap as he kept the singer close by.

It has also been reported by the Mirror that Sarah has been inundated with work offers to go to Los Angeles.

She made the revelation when asked how she expects her romance with LA-based Chad would work.

'I do have a bit of work coming up out there.

'And he might have some work commitments over here. So why not meet?'

Later that evening, Sarah was slammed by shocked followers as she appeared to repeatedly use a homophobic slur while Chad answered questions from followers on Facebook Live.

As soon as Chad, 30, started chatting with fans, CBB winner Sarah, 35, could be heard shouting in the background 'Chaaaad, come here' to which he responded 'I can't come here at the moment, I've come here plenty of times.'

Responding to a comment from a fan he said: 'She's not mean, don't say that about her, she's cool.'

Jumping to his girlfriend's defence Chad hit back: 'She has moments where she disconnects from me, people have that. The times she connects make up for that.'

Sarah was then heard shouting, 'Chad I need to have a wee' with Chad saying: 'There's 400 people listening to you right now.'

After Chad confirmed he was Instagramming live, Sarah shouted 'f*** off then' before slamming the door.

She then said 'can you pick me up or not?' before remarking that Chad, who appeared topless with shades and a cap on, looked like George Michael 'on a rap squad'.

Sarah then inexplicably said: 'f*** (mouthwash) Listerine - turn it round (referring to the phone).

As Chad resisted the star could be heard spitting 'turn it off, p*****.'

After calling her boyfriend selfish, a clearly embarrassed Chad could be heard telling Sarah 'to put some clothes on' before saying he would have to end the call.

He then said: 'Babe what the f***, you haven't even had a drink in four hours, they asked if you were drunk.'

A determined Sarah asked Chad to turn his phone around saying ' I'll get back in the tub, that's better right, no t******.

'There's no f******* nipples, there's such a thing as censoring, check can anyone see anything, anyone see nipplage? Test it, can anyone see my t***?'

A concerned Chad then said to Sarah: 'People are asking if you're drunk.'

Sarah, who said she was talking on the phone to her niece then said: 'Chad's doing his business thing and making me look stupid.'

She then could be heard to say: 'The word crazy was invented by people who are crazy so they can go f*** themselves. I'm f****** tired.'

A ruffled Chad said 'everyone has positives and negatives' as Sarah was heard ranting 'making out that I'm cray cray.'

Chad then said: 'I'm gonna have to end this if you don't end up being a normal human being.'

Sarah then unleashed a torrent of expletives saying 'talking on phone slated by bitchy a**** f****** take it up the a*** .com.'

She then shocked viewers when she appeared to use the homophobic slur 'b***y' - a Caribbean insult against gay men - numerous times.

Chad then said: 'This is too much of a chance I thought it would be funny, she's on one now.

'After being in an environment where you can't really be yourself, everyone likes to release the worst version of themselves.'

Quickly ending the ten minute video he said 'I'm sorry I can't do this' before thanking his fans. Chad then deleted the video.

After Sarah was crowned CBB winner on Friday, she told host Emma Willis: 'He became my best friend and my rock, and every day is like a month so it felt like a longer time and I had to make a difficult decision.

'After what we went through it couldn't compare to what I had on the outside briefly, we'd been through the mill together.'

Sarah recently admitted she had been in a relationship to someone prior to entering the house.

The former Girls Aloud singer told the Daily Star: 'I was in a very brief relationship before I went into the house - It was a matter of weeks, so it wasn't very serious.'

Explaining how the house atmosphere intensifies relationships, Sarah revealed that each day in the house feels like a week and her relationship with Chad felt like something long term.

She admitted: 'It was a very careful consideration it wasn't taken lightly - I was in a very unfortunate situation where I wasn't in a position to deal with it properly.'

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Aaron, 33, is said to be 'devastated' by the way Sarah has treated him.

Culled from Daily Mail