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I lost my virginity to a lying love rat after meeting online – but he made me feel so special

Dear Deidre

A GUY I met online took my virginity and I carried on having sex with him because he told me we were exclusive.

He was lying and I am so hurt and upset.

I am 21 and he told me he was 30 but I found out later he’s actually 41.

We met on a dating site and chatted for a month or so.

We met on a dating site and he gave the impression he wanted a relationship

He gave me every impression of wanting a relationship.

He asked if I was a virgin and said he’d been seeing another virgin girl before we started chatting but that he had finished with her after getting to know me.

I have now realised that was a lie to get me to meet him.

We met in restaurants a couple of times and he wined and dined me.

We got on brilliantly.

He was charming.

He then messaged me to ask if we could be exclusive and asked me round to his flat.

He took my virginity and was very caring and tender

I started going round to his flat.

After that we had sex every weekend.

I was sure he could not be seeing anyone else as he works all week and I was with him all weekend.

I was wrong.

He was still seeing the other girl too.

I found the girl on Facebook and got in touch.

He had told her about me but lied to me about her.

I was so hurt and upset.

My mum was furious with him and said he was just using me and I had to stop seeing him.

DEIDRE SAYS: I am sorry you have had such a painful experience.

It is a sad way to start your sex life.

This guy is a clever and practised liar.

He may be attracted to inexperienced women partly just because they are more trusting and less likely to see through his facade.

You did the right thing in blocking him.

Don’t be tempted to take a peek online and find out what he’s up to now.

He won’t have changed.

He’s not the one for you, and you deserve better.

Instead of remembering his sweet talk, remind yourself it was all a ploy to get what he wanted.

My e-leaflet, Staying Safe Online, will help you avoid similar pitfalls in future.

Really get to know someone before having sex with them so you can be sure they really care about you.

Source: The Sun

My opinion: Be careful and stay safe as there are lots of fake people on social media.