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I cheated on my partner by having hot sex with an old flame but I feel no sense of regret as it was

I MET up with an old flame just for a chat and a catch-up but we ended up having fantastic sex.

It was so good that I didn’t even feel guilty afterwards.

I reignited the flame with an ex and it was amazing

My partner and I have not been getting on over the last three years and our sex life is non-existent.

We have been together for eight years and have a daughter of five.

She has Down’s syndrome and needs a lot of time and attention.

My partner is good with her and I love him but only as my daughter’s dad.

I am 32, he is 36.

I feel as though we are more like friends than a proper couple.

I don't feel an ounce of regret as the night of passion showed I have outgrown my current relationship

If we did not have our daughter the relationship would have been over a long time ago.

I had a friend request on Facebook six weeks ago and I recognised the name instantly.

It was my ex from before I met my current partner.

He is 33 now.

We were together for nearly a year but he went to work abroad and we lost touch.

Then I met my partner.

Things were all right with him at first but we just do not get on at all now.

This ex and I arranged to meet up for a coffee.

It was so great to see my old flame again

He’s back in the UK for good.

It was wonderful to see him again and he told me I was even more beautiful that when he last saw me.

He walked back to my house with me and I asked him in, as my daughter was at school.

As soon as we got indoors we were kissing.

It felt amazing.

We ended up having sex and it was the best ever.

I didn’t feel bad about it afterwards.

He says he still loves me and we have made plans to meet up again.

I feel so trapped in my present relationship.

I feel like I am dying inside and my ex has brought me alive again.

DEIDRE SAYS: That may be, but is your ex looking for anything more than sex on the side?

Would he want to take on sharing the care of your daughter?

Be careful you don’t end up with the worst of all possible worlds for all of you – as a single parent.

Tell your ex that you need to take a step back while you try to save your relationship with your child’s father.

It can be hard to keep the romance flourishing when you are caring for a child with a disability.

What you most need may be some more support so you and your partner get more couple-time together – as well as more fun.

Maybe you need to be bolder in asking family and friends to babysit for you so you both get a break – and perhaps a weekend away.

Source: The Sun

My opinion: The woman is not interested in having sex with her husband anymore, she wants something completely different and maybe raunchy.