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Katie Price has come under serious telling off from fans for putting her 10-year-old daughter in a washing machine.

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The mum-of-five took a photo of her daughter squished inside the washing machine before praising the product, writing a lengthy post about how great it is – and it looked very much like she was promoting it.

She shamelessly wrote: “Hide and seek! Found in our new 18kg washing machine from Cater Wash the best thing I've found to get my washing done quicker.

“Making housework soooo much easier because I can wash loads at once!!”

Her shocked fans were outraged to see her using Princess in the post, considering the dangers involved in putting children in electrical equipment – and they took to Instagram to comment on it.

One person remarked: “Oh my god why would you allow your child to get in to a washing machine and then take a picture of it.”

Another highlighted the danger, writing: “A little boy died playing hide and seek doing this where I live. Not trolling, I love Katie. Just hope the younger ones don't see.”

Agreeing, someone else wrote: “How about if bunny saw her doing this and copied her and she shut the door.”

Another wrote, “Irresponsible post, kids could see this & try it for themselve.”

One fan who was so concerned posted a lenghty message pleading with her to take it down, writing: “Awwww Katie I love you but please take this down. Its obvious this is a publicity stunt for the washing machine to show how massive it is which is great.

“I'm 100% sure Princess was safe at all times. But what about other kids who might see this and think its a good idea to climb in a washer :( it isn't and could have terrifying consequences.”

While another furious fan suggested that if she wasn’t famous she would be reported to social services.

“Omg this is not good katie really if that had been somebody like us that wasn't famous we would get reported to social services. I think the same rule should apply to celebs. I'm sorry but you're no better than us, just saying that's all,” they wrote.

My opinion: Katie Price doesn't need to plug cheap dangerous advert for cash, as she has £50million in her account and she is also a panellist on ITV Show-Loose Women.