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Isabelle Warburton is crowned WINNER Big Brother UK 2017 as the Paris Hilton look-alike breaks down

Isabelle Warburton was announced the winner of the Channel 5 reality show beating Raph Korine to the title.

The blonde beauty had scream in delight, before breaking down in tears when BB host Emma Willis announced the result of the public vote.

Isabelle won the 18th series of Big Brother and will take home £65,000 as her prize

American Raph Korine had finished in second place on the show

Raph twerking

Andrew Cruickshanks had taken £33,900 out of the £100,000 prize fund, during Big Brother money task

He insists the money will go to his family and charity, along with giving some to Sam as he feels 'guilty' for evicting his housemate

Andrew had remained in the house until the final, but as the Second Chance Housemate he had been ineligible to win He stole £33,900 from the Big Brother prize fund during his time in the house and successfully completing the challenge to out-stay his fellow Second Chance housemates on the show

After taking the money, he had been forced to evict another housemate and chose to evict Sam Chaloner.