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‘Why I Gave Birth In The US’: Nigerian Actor Aremu Afolayan places hefty curses on EVIL LOOTER Allis


In a video which has been making rounds in the social media, the Nigerian actor, Aremu Afolayan has given reason why he decided to have his child in the United States.

Aremu, who is a brother to the renowned producer, Kunle Afolayan first child was born at Atlanta, USA in December, 2016. He took to his Instagram page yesterday evening to rain curses on the former Minister of Petroleum, Madam Diezani Alison Madueke as he claims she made him travel to the U.S as the economic situation in Nigeria is not good due to corrupt politicians like Diezani.

He rained curses on the former petroleum minister for looting several millions from the Nigerian treasury, Aremu Afolayan blamed the Nigerian minister for leaving him with no choice but to flee the country over the crippled economy.

Please watch Allison's speech then you would know how deep this evil woman stabbed Nigerians in the heart.

And millions of Nigerians are truly feeling her so called "Touch" today.

Scroll and watch

Scroll and watch the video