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Big Brother UK: Fake evictees Hannah Agboola and Tom Barber NOMINATES two ahead of final

Housemates HANNAH Agboola and Tom Barber are shaking things up after their fake Big Brother eviction.

Londoner Hannah, 23, is the reigning Miss Nigeria UK and is very proud of her heritage.

Hannah's aim is to “inspire the youth of today’s UK-born Nigerians to embrace their culture”.

She is a Christian and works as a make-up store host at MAC and makes YouTube videos about her life and romances.

Following last week's double eviction which saw Chanelle McCleary and Ellie Young evicted, Hannah and Tom were targeted by their co-stars.

But they didn't get a back door eviction, instead they went into Big Brother's attic where they've been hiding and mixing things up in the Main BB house ever since.

The sneaky duo were given a secret task to decide which of the remaining housemates were the most boring.

Charlotte Keys

They targeted Isabelle Warburton, Charlotte Keys, Raph Korine and Kieran Lee who each had to prove their worth.

Hannah and Tom decided to pick Isabelle and Charlotte to face eviction ahead of the final.

Tom said: "She's nominated me twice and evicted me, so yeah I'm going to nominate Isabelle."

While Hannah chose Charlotte, saying: "The reason being is because I feel like she should have respected the fact of how it may feel nominating another person that is a pair when you've been in that situation."

Isabelle Warburton

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