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Osinbajo surprises wife with a midnight cake for her 50th birthday as millions of jobless Nigerians

Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo has just proven that he is clueless and his wife should know better.

How can you flaunt your birthday cake to millions of jobless Nigerians with no Income and Housing Benefit Support, University Undergraduates who have no student loan to pay their tuition fee and maintenance allowance, desperate mothers and fathers selling their children for food, thousands of children in the North East and other parts of Nigeria starving and the street beggars your heartless Government is imposing tax on.

Yes, your wife Dolapo can celebrate her birthday, it is her God given right, so are millions of Nigerians who have been marginalised.

You are a public servant and the security and welfare of the people you serve should be your priority instead of a birthday cake to your wife. As millions of jobless citizens don't even know when or if they will have their next meal, cake is a luxury to them.

How can you and your lovely wife visibly indulge yourselves amid extremes of poverty

Mr acting president Osinbajo, since you think your fellow citizens who are helpless and suffering have no right to be supported by your Government for Income and Housing Support then your wife have no right to flaunt her cake because you are a public servant.

A mother begging to feed her kids

Desperate Nigerian children starving and begging for food

20-year-old mother identified as Chioma Fidelis arrested by the police in Imo state for selling her two-month-old child for half a bag of rice, cement, six chairs and N200,000.

Helpless mothers and their children begging for food and shelter

It is because of greedy politicians and past military leaders, there is Gboko Haram, Nnamdi Kanu, Niger Delta Avengers and millions of Nigerians who have been shortchanged and marginalised

Why can't you do the right thing now? by putting in-place Income or Job-Seekers Allowance and Housing Support , you can fight corruption at the same time.

Those suffering are not asking for money to buy designer stuff, they just want financial help for food and pay their rent.

You can print money to help them.

Why are Nigerian Senators and House Of Rep members still earning over $73,000 (N40million) and $68,000 (N34million) a month when millions of Nigerians have no Income and Housing Support from the Government.

Why is Folorunsho Alakija still entitled to 60% stake in the oil field, while millions of Nigerians are suffering.