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The Ghanaian new graduate should be blamed for his unemployed situation (And why should they be blam

Source: 3NEWS- Guess What? Another national service period is about ending! And what next? Well, your prediction is right; aside the 91,871 new service personnel who are ready to start their service from September 1, over 70,000 new graduates will be released into the Ghanaian economy by end of July! Adding on to the existing thousands of unemployed graduates who have evolved into several associations. But should that be the case? The Ghanaian graduates should definitely be blamed for their joblessness.

The issue of unemployment has become such a big one in Ghana. Unemployment rate for Ghana is 11.9% and is particularly high among 15 to 24 years olds (25.9%). This has resulted in several strikes and industrial actions recorded from the Ghanaian youths across various sectors demanding for job from the Government. Who should we blame for the dare unemployment situation? Is it the students/new graduate, the government or the education system? As much as the government and the education system contribute to this mess, I argue that the student or new graduate should take personal responsibility!

Why Do You Need a Job?

Do you really need a job? Wait, why should you look up to your Government for a job? Why do you expect someone to employ you? What did you spend your three years in either Technical University, College of Health or four years in University studying? Does it mean that after four years of a university degree you can’t even think for yourself? Neither can you create any business or micro-venture to manage? Is it how far our education system has fallen or how incapable our new graduates are? Unfortunately, these new graduates spent years in school engaging in all sort of fun and unproductive activities without little preparation for the world of work. Then once they graduate, they want to work at the World Bank! How unrealistic they are! Wake up to reality Ghanaian youth!

A1 Bread CEO Saga – the Rise of a Giant!

I believe we can learn from the example of the CEO of A1 Bread. I personally bought one of such bread this week in Accra and can testify of the quality of it. This is a young graduate from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUT) who completed school and never looked up to anyone for a job. He created one for himself. You can call him all sort of names yet he even comes to sell bread himself on the road in