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“The Killing Is Too Much In Ajegunle” – Daddy Showkey says people in the neighbourhood are crying fo

Veteran Nigerian musician, Daddy Showkey, has taken to his Instagram to cry out for help as he shares photos of a man who was killed by some unknown persons on the 9th of July.

The singer, who shared the graphic photos in the early hours of today, cry out over the increasing rate of murder in Ajegunle, a densely populated and inner-city area in Lagos state.

He added that he did not sleep last night, and that ‘If we keep on killing ourselves, we will have nobody in the country or any other country that we want.’

He wrote:

(AJEGUNLE PEOPLE CRYING FOR HELP THE KILLING IS TOOMUCH AND NOBODY IS DOING ANYTHING ARE WE NOT IN LAGOS OR WE ARE NOT NIGERIANS PLEASE HELP US, THEY KILL PEOPLE EVERYDAY IN AJEGUNLE NOBODY IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT PLS HELP US NOW ) We are trying to Give Ajegunle a good name and some stupid idiot are busy killing our youths in Ajegunle. I am begging the Nigerian authority to come to the aid of the people of Ajegunle now,before they will kill every growing youth in Ajegunle. They kill people as if human life has no value. Am begging the Nigerian authorities one more time to come to aid of budding Ajegunle youths before things get out of hand and we take laws into our hands. Please I am begging with tears in my eyes. These young man was killed 3days ago on the 9th of July,2017. They will never stop us from doing what we are doing for AJEGUNLE #ajegunletotheworld#ajegunle#waragainstkillingouryouths

I did not sleep last night,I was crying!!! And it’s high time I cry out to my people to come together and stop this killings. If we keep on killing ourselves, we will have nobody in the this country or any other country that we want. We should STOP using poor people as sacrificial lambs So, its high time we come together to stop this killings. Killing before negotiations is not right, #negotiation #nokilling #nokillings . AND YOUTHS!!! STOP! Killing yourselves… I beg una

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My opinion: The Local Government should do something about the security of those who live in Ajegunle, they are human beings like the people that live in Victoria Island, Surulere, Maryland, Ikoyi and other secured neighbourhoods in Lagos.

The problem with Ajegunle is that it has always been associated with petty crimes but it seems it has escalated to a different level and it appears subsequent Lagos State Government ignore Ajegunle for no reason.

Is the Lagos State Governor and the local councillor only collecting their salaries without doing anything to secure the lives of the people that voted for them?