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TROPHY FIRST DAUGHTER: Ivanka Trump under fire after taking seat among world leaders at G20 causing

Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump's daughter briefly took her father's seat at a meeting with other world leaders at the G20 summit here in Hamburg on Saturday, causing a stir among Trump critics on social media.

Ms Trump accompanied her father to earlier sessions before sitting in for him later

President Trump had stepped away for a meeting with the Indonesian leader during the G20 meeting.

Ms Trump is an adviser to her father, but a leader's absence is usually covered by high-ranking officials.

According to a BBC correspondent at the summit said he could recall no similar precedent.

There has been widespread criticism on social media.

Mr Trump returned a short while later to retake his seat between the British prime minister and the Chinese president.

It is reported that Ivanka Trump did not seem to make any major contribution to the session on African migration and health during her father's absence.

An unnamed official present at the session reportedly told Bloomberg that Ivanka took her father's seat at the table "at least twice" and didn't speak.

Scroll down and watch Ivanka's speech

A White House official told the Associated Press that Ivanka only took her father's seat "briefly"when he stepped out of the room. The official also noted that when other delegates left the room, their seats were also filled by staff members.

My opinion: Trump is preparing his daughter Ivanka for POTUS-2024, as everything revolved round his family especially Ivanka. There is definitely an agenda for her to become the first female US president in 2024 if he wins his re-election in 2020.

Ivanka is just like a trophy first daughter that must be seen at every important meeting with world leaders.