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Pregnant Chanelle Hayes spotted on another holiday with cameraman in-tow as she poses on the beach p

The Big Brother star appeared to be enjoying the sun whilst on holiday

Chanelle proudly flaunts her pregnancy body in tiny bikini as she showcased her burgeoning bump to its full effect

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It's one thing to carry extra weight due to a pregnancy but her weight is not just all "baby weight". Her arms, back, sides and legs have an unhealthy fat

Talking about the tough time she's been having, Chanelle, who was 16st at the time of discovering she was expecting, described: 'I’m on high risk on this pregnancy. I'm always on this on fear of being on drips in hospital. It’s been vile. Disgusting.'

The star, who has previously admitted to throwing up forty times a day, continued: 'I’m so grateful that I can baby, but I'm having a miserable time. Especially with polycystic ovaries and being overweight.

'There’s so much talk about post natal depression – but you can also feel like that when you are pregnant. Especially when you’re not happy with your body beforehand and being sick constantly.'

Terrible morning sickness but has no problems jetting off on holiday multiple times?

Chanelle contradicts herself a lot , how on earth can you have difficult pregnancy throwing up in the bucket forty times a day and yet you jet off at every opportunity to pose for the camera on the beach, and none of the cameramen saw you threw up in your so called 'sick bucket'

Go get yourself a real job?

It appears Chanelle's new job is going on holidays and doing photoshoot with her pregnancy,

I just don't understand how a woman would want to subject herself to unflattering photoshoot because of money, after badmouthing herself.

Chanelle said: 'I feel like a fat, pregnant whale'

Watch her pathetic interview with the 'sick bucket' close by and relate it to her being on the beach

She behaved as if she was going to throw-up, but no it didn't happen.

Scroll down and watch the video