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Ghanaian Woman found after absconding with her Europe-based Facebook lover's cars and belongings

The Ghanaian Police launched a manhunt for a Ghanaian woman, Nana Asare, who allegedly disappeared with cars, luggage and other valuable items belonging to an EU-based Ghanaian man, Kingsley Osei Bonsu, whom she met on Facebook, LIB reported.

Kingsley posted the photos on his Facebook asking for information that could lead to her arrest and added that anyone who can help him in helping him get her arrested will be rewarded handsomely.

Read how it all happened:

A guy resident in Europe met this lady Nana Ama Asare, otherwise known as Victoria Tebri on Fb and lovi lovi ensued! At some point in their long distance talk talk, the guy expressed the desire to settle back in Ghana so he shipped 3 cars to his supposed fiance plus money for port charges. Nana Ama Asare dutifully cleared the vehicles giving the impression that she is faithful partner. So May 29 this year, Borga packed bag and baggage to get closer to his Yellow Sister for the necessary biegya and other things! On arrival at KIA, Nana Ama was waiting at the reception. What a loving galfriend she is! He had come with two of the vehicles, she drove one veh and a male friend drove the other. Since that was their first time of seeing each other, they agreed to spend the night at the hotel so that no one will hear their moaning and groaning. The luggage was packed in the other car whilst the two new lovers drove in one car. On their way to the hotel, they stop to eat a restaurant. Whilst at the Restaurant, Ms Nana Ama Asare asked politely to pick something from the car just for a moment, but apparently that’s was her escape plan! SHE DISAPPEARED and that was the last time her new found lover heard of her. Borga waited and waited saaaaaaa till he could no longer endure the loneliness and the frustration anymore n went home confused, raped and sad! Soon as Ms Asare disappeared, all her phones went off and her fb porfile pulled down! The case has since been reported to the police and the general public is hereby requested to help apprenhend this yellow sisi of doubtful character! I have the “other pics” and will be provided if u help to arrest her. If u have any info to help kindly call any of the nos below.

+32466136085 0244835990 02012209346

The man’s friend in an update revealed that she has been finally caught and shared photos of the cars and items recovered from her.

He wrote:

“The Lady at the center of the alleged stolen vehicles has returned everything. Matter has been settled.

Thanks to the power of social media.”

See Photos of the recovered valuables: