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Jeremy McConnell claims his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Davis is PREGNANT 'I didn't lay a finge

Reality star Jeremy McConnell has broken his silence over a late night hotel room brawl with Stephanie Davis to reveal he never laid a finger on her - as she is pregnant with his second child.

According to MailOnline the former Big Brother star also said his 'toxic relationship' with Davis was over for good with no chance of any reconciliation.

The 24-year-old, who suffered a broken nose and fractured eye socket, opened up to MailOnline as he recovered from his injuries at his family's home in Dublin.

In an interview with MailOnline, He said the row with ex-Hollyoaks star Davis, arrested by police on suspicion of GBH, erupted soon after she broken the news to him that she was expecting. The couple already have a nine month old son

Jeremy McConnell speaking from his home in Dublin, said: 'She just told me that she was pregnant. I was pretty shocked as it wasn't planned, but to be honest I was excited. She told me that she was going to have a scan at the hospital later that afternoon. The pregnancy was not planned and given our history together took me by surprise. I was pleased, but still in a bit of a shock.

'Steph then looked at my phone and saw that I was following some other woman. She just went mental at me and kicked off.

'She was going mental I had not even met this woman but was just following her. She would not listen and stormed off to go to the pub and refused to go to the scan'

McConnell said he followed Davis to a local pub near to the Royal Chase Hotel in Enfield where they were staying.

'We were in the pub and having a few drinks. I had two or three and so did Steph which I thought was off as she was pregnant. She was also smoking and I told her a pregnant woman should not drink and smoke.

'She told me 'it was her life and she could do as she wanted.' McConnell said he left the pub and returned to the hotel without Davis who he claims continued drinking.

'When she came back to the hotel room she just flew at me. She was screaming and shouting and being abusive. 'She would not listed and for five to ten minutes just kept screaming at me.'

McConnell believes other guests at the hotel called police because they were so concerned about the noise from the rowing couple.

The Reality Star said: ' She was jumping on the bed and the wooden post snapped off. She picked it up and hit me across the face. It knocked me down, and I think I passed out for a bit because when I came round the police were already in the room. 'I did not call them so other people in the hotel who had heard all the shouting must have called. Step was still being aggressive and went for the police. They had to restrain her. My face was bleeding quite badly and I was in a lot of pain.'

He went on: 'But I swear I never laid a finger on her. I do not hit women and do not hit pregnant women. I did not touch her. 'Any marks that she has on her are self inflicted. I did not lay a finger on her.'

Reportedly other guests at the hotel have told MailOnline that so many police burst into the hotel they thought they were in the midst of a terror incident.

Jeremy McConnell said police called an ambulance while other officers tried to restrain Davis. 'She went for them and was still kicking off. She was p++++d and out of control. I have never seen her like that before and she had completely lost it.'

It is reported that Davis was arrested and taken to Enfield Police station. That She was later rushed to hospital and released at 3am on Tuesday morning after being bailed until July.

Photos of Davis pictured as she arrives at a friend's house showed her with scratch marks on her neck, face and nose and blood on the sleeve of her grey track suit top. In one photo she tenderly clutched her stomach.

MailOnline reports that Davis friends claimed she had been assaulted by McConnell and had suffered four of five broken ribs after the reality star went for her first.

They claimed the row began when McConnell smashed Davis's phone which contained treasured photos of their son.

McConnell told Mailonline insists he did not harm the former actress.

'There is not way I touched her. She was the one who attacked me. I did not punch her and touch her.'

It is believed that McConnell, flew back to Dublin soon after the incident, insists that his on-off relationship with Davis is beyond repair.

'There is no going back from this and we are finished,' he said. 'We are just not good for each other. The relationship is toxic and we can't be together anymore. I don't care what happens there will be no getting back together

McConnell confirmed to MailOline that he has suffered a broken nose, fractured eye socket and concussion during the alleged assault.

He was pictured visiting a hospital in Dublin to be checked out. 'It still hurts a lot but I am ok,' he said.

McConnell said he intends to press charges but was reluctant to talk about the future of his son and soon to be born child.

'Steph and I can never be a couple, but I will always be there for my son. I adore him and want to do all I can for him'

Previously unseen pictures of Stephanie Davis three weeks ago before her explosive brawl, as she flaunts her figure on holiday in Tenerife three weeks ago

The MailOnline added that McConnell blamed his girlfriend's violent outburst on drink. Describing the scene inside the hotel room, he said; ' There was blood everywhere and lots of things had been thrown.

'The wooden bedpost had been broken off and that was what she used to hit me. She was drunk and I thought that was wrong as she had just told me she was pregnant.

'I kept asking her to go to the scan, but she wanted to go to the pub and drink. I had two or three drinks and before I left she had the same.'

Other drinkers at the Wetherspoons pub reportedly said the pair had spent most of the day boozing.

Black cab driver Roger Osborn, 68, had gone to the pub for a quiet drink with his friends after a long weekend of work.

He said: 'I got here at about 9pm and they were already here and they had had plenty of drink. It looked like he was bullying her and she was shouting at him as well.

'At one point he had a go at us and started swearing at some of the other customers. We didn't get involved. We just wanted to come down to our local and have a drink and we didn't want any trouble.

'He was being aggressive but she was giving it back as well. They were both pretty drunk and they were as bad as each other.'

According to Mr Osborn, McConnell left for 'about ten minutes' before returning and shouting at a man talking to Davis.

He added: 'Then he left and it wasn't much longer until closing time and she left. He was being a bully and it was getting nasty, but she was shouting back at him as well.

'You just don't want to see or hear that when you want a quiet drink, everyone in the pub was getting angry.' A guest at the hotel witnessed Davis being led away.

'I have had a few text from members of the family asking how she is. Her mum went to London to collect the baby so he is back home safe and that was all we were worried about. He is safe now.'

She added: 'He [Jeremy] has gone back to Dublin, so I think it is over

'Well, I hope so. Stephanie has never been violent before she met him and look at the size of him.

'I have never liked him, never. He doesn't seem to have any morals and then there's the domestic violence.

It's all very sad, really.'

Reality star was photographed leaving a police station with an apparent black eye and scratched neck last - as friends claim she has broken ribs from her fight with ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell.

Davis friends claimed that Irish model turned reality star McConnel had left her with five broken ribs after hitting her first.

Troubled Stephanie Davis's grandmother Mary Mulvaney, pictured right with the star, centre, revealed today that she was glad the former Hollyoaks star had split with Jeremy McConnell - saying she had 'never 'liked him.' Pictured left Steph's mother, Pauline

Troubled Stephanie Davis's grandmother said today that she was glad the former Hollyoaks star had split with Jeremy McConnell - saying she had 'never 'liked him.'

Mary Mulvaney, 79, told how the whole family feared for Steph after a series of bust-ups with McConnell.

Davis tweets before th outburst

Stephanie Davies rumoured to be pregnant with her second child

Jeremy McConnell with Stephanie Davis and their son Caben-Albi

Source: MailOnline

My opinion: I think the Social Service should look into her case because of the young child, untill she gets help, they should definetly take the son off her, as it is not safe for her to drink while pregnant.