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Ahmed Musa and his Queen Juliet Ejue are having their traditional wedding today in Ogoja

The so-in-love couple on the dance floor

Watch the video

Nigeria football international, Ahmed Musa is set to marry Juliet Ejue traditionally today in Ogoja local government area of Cross River State.

The Leicester City football club of England forward is currently in Juliet’s village, Idum Mbube community in Ogoja,

where the traditional marriage ceremony is scheduled to take place. See photos from their bachelor/hen party. And also photos from the wedding venu

Ahmed Musa appeared to be spraying some money at their pre-wedding party

Wedding venue and reception

Ahmed Musa and his alleged cougar "Queen" Juliet Ejue, she obviously looked way older than him

Musa with his ex-wife Jamila and their cute son

Ahmed divorce his beautiful first wife, Jamila because she allegedly did not want him to marry a second wife

The Leicester City forward ended his marriage , after he was arrested for allegedly beating his wife in their home in England.

The source said the decision was reached by the two parties after efforts to reconcile them failed.

The source added that the player’s decision to marry a second wife was permitted by Islam but was vehemently rejected by Jamila.

Ahmed Musa and his first wife Jamila (now divorced)

“They constantly had altercations and it was affecting them.

“A lot of things have been said about Ahmed on this matter which is not correct, he is a gentleman and this issue is constantly affecting him even his career.

“The wife insisted she could not cope with another woman but Musa was adamant about going ahead with it.

“He is a devout Muslim and a responsible husband and instead of keeping mistresses he chose to legally marry a new wife as permitted by his religion.

“His own family members and even his mother endorsed his plans and there is no going back


“Ahmed’s mother was in the UK a couple of times to speak with Jamila to accept his son’s decision but she declined.”

Regarding his arrest by the UK police, the source confirmed that Musa had altercations with his wife but never beat her.

The source said the last heated argument was after Jamila queried Musa for posting the picture of the new lady on his Instagram page and called her ‘my queen’.

My opinion: I guess in four years, if Ahmed asks Juliet to allow him marry the third wife, I hope she'll agree because Ahmed divorced Jamila the first wife to marry her as the mother of his two kids objected to the idea of a second wife

Ahmed should have allowed Jamila to enjoy her mariage for at least seven to ten years before thinking of marrying a second wife, he's just too young

Reportedly some people think Juliet is an alleged cougar

This is just weird while one famous footballer got married to his childhood sweetheart, and the mother of his two beautiful kids, the other footballer divorce his childhood sweetheart because she refused the idea of a second wife, how stupid is that?