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A farmer at a small community in Eastern Ghana is likely to make it to the Guinness World Book of Records as arguably, the youngest man with 12 wives and over one hundred children.

At 80 years old, he still wants more wives and more children.

Togbui Kofi Asilenu even proposed to one of his daughters when he met her outside their home, in town.

However, the young lady knew who her father was.

When he approached her and told her he loved her, she quickly said you are my father and he then walked away.

Scroll down and watch the news story by Portia Gabor

On 2017 Father’s Day, his children and the wives marched to Asilenu’s residence on Sunday, ostensibly with a simple message: “more power to your elbow”.

Asilenu told TV3's Portia Gabor who spent sometime with the family on Father's Day, ‘I’m not impotent’ “If I get a lady today, I will marry her and have more children.

When asked by 3News reporter, Portia Garbor to do a roll call of his children, he got stuck when mentioning their names.

One of his sons said, he suspect they are over 100

He also narrated how his father proposed to one of his sisters and the interesting excuse Mr Asilenu gave when it emerged that he is the father of the lady he had expressed love to.

He told Portia. Just like their father, some of the children do not know their numerical placement in the family.

Portia Gabor asked one of his daughters, Mary Asilenun, where she place in the family numerically and she simply laughed and responded, “…I can’t remember”.

That notwithstanding, Asilenu, his wives and children get along with each other and have been living happily as one united family One of Asilenu’s wives told Portia that the secret to their unity is ‘respect for one another’.

His first wife, Nayome Asilenu, told Portia Gabor, that she initially was not happy with her husband’s exploits with other women and complained about it but all to no avail – he went ahead to add more women.

Asilenu’s youngest child is about a year old while the eldest is over 40 years. He currently engages some of his wives and children in his work- Processing of cassava into dough

Regardless the huge size of his family, Asilenu has been a responsible father to the family all these years, at least from what his children told Portia Gabor.

The children say Asilenu has been able to educate them to some extent.

One of his children explained: “He helped us from infancy up to SS level before I joined [the] Police service, so he tried a little bit for me”.

And the words of one of Asilenu’s daughters summed up the gratitude of the children to him:

“Thank you for taking care of me and I wish you a happy Father’s day”.

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