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WOW: Hairdresser, 22, filmed having sex with boyfriend behind a beer tent at packed Kelso Racecourse

Footage of a hairdresser having sex with her boyfriend behind a racecourse beer tent has gone viral, after the clip was shared online.

Marissa Sonkur, 22, was secretly filmed bonking behind a beer tent at packed Kelso Racecourse.

Ms Sonkur, who also works with Scottish Borders Council, was said to have been left 'mortified' after the footage was shared on social media.

A source told the Sun, that Ms Sonkur had admitted it was 'not the classiest thing I’ve ever done.'

A friend said: 'It wasn’t just a one-time thing - she has been seeing the guy for a while. Everyone had a few drinks and then they left the tent together to get some privacy.'

The identity of the man in the video has not yet been revealed.

It is reported that one of his friends filmed the footage on his phone and shared it on a group chat, before it was posted onto Facebook.

After the clip was shared online, Ms Sonkur is said to have reported the incident to police.

However, it is believed that no official complaint was filed.

“She knows she was kind of in the wrong but this person should never have filmed it – it’s creepy.”

It is understood Marissa,, reported the incident to cops but no official complaint was lodged.

A source said: “The person who filmed it has put it in a group chat with all the boys including the boy in the video.

Scroll down and watch the full video

Scroll down and watch the video

My opinion: I don't understand why his friend filmed it and someone in their group shared it on Facebook, because if the boyfriend really loves her it wouldn't have been posted, maybe the group of boys believed he is only using her for sex, it's very mean and terrible what they did to her.