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NIGERIA: Two suspected thieves narrowly escaped being burnt to death in Ubomiri -Ifakala -Umunoha axis of Mbaitoli LGA of Imo State.

According to reports, the gang of robbers who specialize in robbing motorcyclists were nearly burnt to death by an angry Mob before the policemen came to their rescue, however one was not lucky as he died before the arrival of the police.

One of the thieves pictured in a pool of blood appeared dead after he was badly beaten

The other thief was being prepared to be burnt alive, after the mob partially covered him with dry grass but he was saved by police who were reportedly called to the scene.

My opinion: No one supports stealing from others at the same time people should not put the law into their hands and carry out jungle justice, the people in that area should have tied the thieves and called the police immediately, but unfortunately Nigerian police are some times not reliable.

I feel sad for the two young men as they were the victims of corrupt past and present Nigerian leaders and lawmakers who have looted and are still looting the country dry. While millions of jobless young men and women have no hope of getting a job and no Income and Housing Support from the useless government of clueless Buhari and Osinbajo.

Nigerian serving politicians from both parties are worse than armed robbers as they rob in billions, worse than thieves as they loot the country dry in hard currency.

Nigerian politicians especially the lawmakers are very heartless, as none of them think it is right to introduce Income/Housing support Bill to help desperate and vulnerable people, so that the level of crime can reduce

If young men can't get a job, no means to start a business and no support from the pointless Government they become desperate.

It is baffling how Nigerian

lawmakers earn over $72,000 per month N40Million while millions of jobless and helpless fellow citizens are hung out to dry