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It appears Salman Abedi's hand was on the trigger inside his pocket on the night that he travelled to the Manchester Arena and blew himself up when he detonated a bomb after the Ariana Grande concert, killing 22 people and injuring 119.

The image above could be the bomber's possible last movements, who travelled by tram to the Arena and may have got in the lift from the station into the venue

Salman Abedi, 22, killed 22 people and left 119 injured when he detonated an improvised explosive device after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

Salman Abedi

Scroll down and watch the CCTV images of Salman the evil bomber

The images, taken from CCTV cameras, were released yesterday by detectives going through the final movements of the evil killer. And in both photos, the police blacked out the background, as it is reported that they wished to protect the identities of people standing next to killer at the time.

Officers have not mentioned where the 22-year-old suicide bomber was standing or exactly when on Monday night the footage were captured.

But it appears he was standing at the Manchester Arena, where thousands of young children and their parents were attending the Ariana Grande concert.

Only the straps of a rucksack containing tricyclic acetone peroxide, bolts and nails – are visible in the pictures. he detonated deadly bomb at 10.30pm the.

Ariana Grande has vowed to return to the city to play a benefit concert and could be back as soon as first week in June.

Police did not give the exact location , but it is believed he could have been in a lift on the way to the Arena box office.

The stills appeared blurred, suggesting the officers may wish to protect the identity of the people around him.

According to The Sun, the bomber was in the lift of the Arena having left the tram. It is thought he made his way through the station to the arena's box office.

The UK terror threat increased to 'critical' for the first time since the July 7 bombings in 2005, but it has since been restored to 'severe'.

Hashim Abedi, the younger brother of Salman, pictured with a gun on a Facebook post. It is reported he knew about the attack in April

Armed Police pictured moment they raided the south Manchester red brick semi home of concert suicide bomber Salman Abedi

Abedi's brother Ismail (middle) is taken into custody by police