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The superstar just celebrated her 71st birthday, but she won't let that stop her from showing off her boobs and competing with the youngsters like Nicole Scherzinger and Rita Ora with the latest trends.

Cher flashed her breasts in a risque silver outfit as part of her stage performance at Sunday night’s ceremony, where she won the Icon Award.

The Good Morning Britain Co-presenter wasn't impressed by the 71-year-old singers stage outfits at Sunday night's ceremony

Presenter Piers Morgan has slammed Cher for her racy Billboard Music Awards outfits.

It was Cher's first awards show performance in 15 years

Speaking on today’s Good Morning Britain, he said: “At what point do Cher’s outfits become inappropriate? She’s 70.”

Co-host Susanna Reid said: “Oh yes because you have a cut off don’t you? What is it… 59?”

Piers clarified it was 56, he then slammed Cher’s silver outfit, which featured draped silver fabric it look like the singer was not wearing a bra.

Piers criticised Cher's breast hidden behind the flesh coloured fabric and said: “That one in particular, come on Cher for goodness sake love.”

But Kate Garraway, who was sitting on the other side of Piers said: “She’s on stage! It’s not like she’s in the supermarket, it’s different rules surely?”

Piers continued: “She’s a grandmother, it’s like for goodness sake put it away, grow old gracefully, put them away.”

Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway defended the singer, saying she looked fantastic for her age

Susanna and Kate both felt Cher was ageing “beautifully”, but their co-host replied: “I think her [plastic] surgeon’s probably working over time.”

When Susanna insisted she looked great, Piers questioned her if she really believed what she was saying, adding: “You don’t think ‘toe-curling’ ‘cringing’… are you going to be doing that when you’re 70?”

Piers pictured as he ended up spilling hot tea on himself as he got animated about Cher

Susanna looked shocked as Piers laughed off his accident

The legendary singer performed at an awards ceremony for the first time in 15 years on Sunday

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Cher, 71, stole the show as she stood out among younger flesh-flashers like Nicole Scherzinger and Rita Ora, as she donned a glitzy pair of nipple pasties.

The I Got You Babe songstress was awarded the Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards 2017 and performed two of her hits during the show.