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Nigerians have taken to twitters to slam Senator Dino Melayo’s corruption book launch, after inviting the looters themselves especially the former First Lady Patience Jonathan as Guest of Honour.

Shameless Patience Jonathan, who is number one world female looter, foolishly attended the 'so called' book launch or is it LOOT MORE launch.

Dino Melaye's Antidotes for Corruption’’ book was launched on Monday.

The occasion was packed with good for nothing Nigerian politicians, who are only in office to help themselves and their families.

Dino also proudly shared a picture of himself with BBNaija ex-housemate TBoss on social media, which he quickly deleted after he was panned by Nigerians who have been shortchanged by the rogues and looters who calls themselves politician.

Here are some of the negative comments on twitter-

In its tweet, Naijaside Media‏ @Naijaside said that Melaye gave a speech about who was a corrupt person, “in Presence of same politician that looted the country’’.

YOu SiP_RAiN‏ @WeSmokeCLouds posted “ U know Corruption is chilling when u hear Antidotes 4 Corruption by Dino Melaye with Saraki & Patience as anti-corruption ambassadors’’.

In another tweet of YOu SiP_RAiN‏ @WeSmokeCLouds, it said: “Anti-Corruption FC Dino Melaye- Manager; Saraki- Striker; Patience Jonathan- Goal Keeper.’’

Richard Tayo®‏ @richardtayo described Melaye as hypocrite because “ Dino Melaye once called GEJ the most corrupt president. GEJ’s wife was the chief Launcher at his book launch.’’

Xcel 101 ‏ @Sir_XceL said: “ Dino Melaye wrote a book on how to tackle corruption. That’s like a scammer telling you ways you can avoid getting scammed… Makes sense.’’

Sandra Allison‏ @Sandra4Gists said: “ When you win Big @NaijaBet,you too can lunch a book title the Antidotes of just like Dino Melaye.’’

“Sometimes the cure to a disease is found from the disease itself “Dino Melaye,” said Oke Esther. O‏ @SpiXcey.

Naija Boy‏ @OsasCruz summed it “ Dino Melaye -Antidotes for Corruption. Devil – Stay Away from Sin. Prostitute – How to Abstain from sex.’’ Dino Melaye's anti corruption book launch is like an armed robber calling a thief a thief

It's all a joke, Dino Melaye is not serious, as he flaunts his wealth on social media, but cannot introduce a bill for Income Support and Housing Benefit for millions of jobless Nigerians, who have no hope of getting a job.

The lawmakers and Patience Jonathan are laughing stock, the horrible woman should be in jail.