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A beauty pageant contestant representing Emohua Local Government in Rivers state Nigeria is slammed for not answering the question that she was asked properly, as she appeared to be confused and nervous during Miss Rivers state golden jubilee contest on Friday.

During the question and answer section, the beautiful young lady was asked: Which is better, an arranged marriage or love marriage? she said she preferred an 'arranged marriage' as she gave her reasons

And explained in detail: “Why I preferred arranged marriage is that if you arrange your marriage….I preferred arranged marriage

because if you arrange yourself before going into marriage definitely you’ll never face any trouble. And there will be nothing like problem. But if you don’t prepare before going into marriage, you find yourself being tired of the marriage due to the country now, you love somebody and you go into marriage and tomorrow you find out the marriage not being strong because you went to the marriage because of love”

.The contestant's answer has been widely panned on social media and by some Nigerian News organisations an bloggers

Scroll down and watch the video

My opinion: I don't understand why some big news media organisations in Nigeria are slamming the young lady, simply because she didn't know the meaning of an arranged marriage.

Meanwhile the hypocrites refused to condemn the fantastically corrupt Government of former president Goodluck Jonathan while he was still in office.

Also the same media outlets couldn't even hound out the clueless and pointless Minister of Sports and Culture Solomon Dalung with all the mistakes he has made and his bad judgement.

They are not calling for Buhari to resign, or campaigning for Income Support for millions of jobless Nigerians, who have no hope under the present Government or any future administration. Unless the Nigerian 'so called' elite media do something about it, instead of wasting their BS time condemning a young beauty queen.

The young lady gave her own definition of an arranged marriage as it relates to the situation in Nigeria, she said: "you find yourself being tired of the marriage due to the country now," she is right in that sense. Millions of Nigerians are suffering without any job opportunities and support from the useless current Government, that is what she sees everyday and I don't blame her for giving that answer.

Two definitions of an arranged marriage:

A marriage planned and agreed by the families or guardians of the couple concerned.

An arranged marriage is when the husband and wife are chosen for each other by their parents

Some of her answers were right and others she was off-point because she was nervous and confused.

There is no justification for treating her so badly and shaming her, especially by a Nigerian female blogger who is old enough to be her mother and who is still lying about her own age, SHAME ON YOU, you know who you are!!! crass insensitivity and stupidity.