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Model Chrissy Teigen, 31, told a group of beauty editors on Thursday, and revealed that she has had numerous surgeries on her face and body, as reported by Byrdie.

'Everything about me is fake except my cheeks,' Chrissy said. According to the website, she then pointed to her lips, nose and forehead, saying: 'Fake, fake, fake.'

The model made the revelation while being showered with compliments for her lovely cheeks, which have often prompted people to ask if she'd had implants put in.

While that part of her face is natural, the Chrissy candidly spoke about getting several other procedures done - including getting liposuction on her armpits about nine years ago.

'I had my armpit sucked out,' she said in reply to someone who asked what was the craziest treatment she had ever received.

The procedure, she said, added 'two inches of length' to her arms and made her feel more confident while wearing sleeveless shirts.

Describing the liposuction to Refinery29, she said: 'I had an armpit sucked out, which was one of the best things. It's a big secret, but I don't care. It was nine years ago or so.'

The model further explained the effects of the procedure, calling it the 'dumbest' thing she has ever done. She said the effects turned out not to be permanent and said she was thinking of getting it done one more time.

'And I had two inches to my armpit. Now it's back though, so now I've gotta pay for [liposuction] again. It was so easy,' she added.

'It made me feel better in dresses; I felt more confident. It was the dumbest, stupidest thing I've ever done. The dumbest, but I like it, whatever. I have no regrets, honestly.'

Chrissy hasn't previously given any information she'd have extensive work done for cosmetic reason, but insisted she felt very comfortable talking about it publicly.

'I'm not shy talking about that sort of thing,' she added. 'I have no regrets.'

The mother of one later took to Twitter to suggest that her comments were a joke, but readily confirmed the armpit procedure actually happened.

Daily Mail reports that: Doctor Rachel Nazarian, a New York City dermatologist who did not treat the model, said after evaluating photos it is 'quite possible' Chrissy had Botox injected in her forehead and around her eyes.

'Botox helps prevent wrinkling during facial expression, and even though she's smiling in the photos, her forehead is smooth and her crows feet are diminished,' Dr Nazarian told

The dermatologist also found that Chrissy's lips look 'fuller and more plump', which according to her 'likely means she had hyaluronic acid injections done for enhancement.

Fillers can help stimulate collagen and lead to semi-permanent volume.'

Dr Nazarian also looked at the evolution of the model's plump cheeks.

'Although she specifically states she's never done anything to her cheeks, her cheeks look much fuller as she's gotten older, which is usually not typical for aging,' the dermatologist said.

'Many patients also inject hyaluronic acid into the cheeks and under the eyes for a fuller more youthful appearance.'

Chrissy's admission about getting cosmetic procedures done came one day after she said on Twitter she'd had Botox injected in her jaws, but not for aesthetic reasons.

According to Chrissy, the procedure was done to relieve jaw clenching - an ailment she blamed on President Donald Trump.

'I also had Botox in my jaw muscle to relieve tension from constantly clinching. I was not like this before,' she tweeted. 'Pay my bill, POS POTUS.'

Asked in February what the craziest thing she had ever done in the name of beauty was, Chrissy previously revealed she'd had veneers put on her teeth.

'I shaved away my teeth and made them into little pencil points for nice teeth, that's kind of weird if you think about it,' she told Harper's Bazaar. 'I was a notorious teeth-grinder, so all my front teeth became a couple millimeters shorter.'

Chrissy has talked about body image in the past, at one point sharing a photo showing her stretch marks with the caption: 'Stretchies say hi!'

She also at one point slammed retailer Forever 21, saying the brand refused to work with her in the past due to her body shape.

'They booked me directly when I was much younger and I showed up on set, they asked me if they could take a photo,' she told Du Jour magazine.

'And they shot that photo off to my agency who then calls me as I'm sitting in the makeup chair and they say, "You need to leave right now, they just said you are fat and you need to come get your measurements taken."'

The model was open about how the incident had affected her, adding: 'I hate you, Forever 21. I hate you so much, honestly, you are the worst.'

Frankenstein's monster with the famous smooth forehead.

My opinion: Chrissy Teigen announced to the world that 'everything is fake except her cheeks', well it is not news to us and we are not

Scroll down and watch the video

My opinion: Chrissy Teigen announced to the world that 'everything is fake except her cheeks', well it is not news to us and we are not surprised, because it shows from your old picture that you altered your face and other parts of your body.

Your before picture looked natural and very beautiful until you start changing your face and it makes your cheeks more pronounced because is not balanced with the rest of your face, your forehead looks so unnatural, the plastic surgery makes you look older.

Why destroy your natural beauty?