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The Sun reports that: A Good Morning Britain guest who was involved in a controversy on the show over a shoe row has revealed her shocking burns after being doused with hot liquid – leaving her fearing she’d been attacked with Acid.

Sarah Bryan pictured has revealed her injury

Mum Sarah Bryan, who sparked anger after sending another mother an invoice for £325 after her daughter returned from a playdate with scuffed shoes, was reduced to tears when she was interviewed by Piers Morgan on the ITV daytime show in January.

The Sun Oline reports that Sara has been inundated with death threats from haters online ever since, but four months after appearing on the breakfast show, She was attacked in broad daylight in a park on a photoshoot.

Sarah, who is a famous dress designer and known for her shocking skittle design, was completing a photoshoot in a Wakefield park when she was attacked with boiling water.

She told the Sun Online: “I’m used to getting hate online because of my dress designs, but this year has just been epic after GMB.

“I was having a photoshoot in the park and someone just ran past me and shouted ‘whore’ as I was packing up my things.

She’d sent a fellow mother an invoice for £325 after her daughter’s shoes were scuffed

It is reported that Sarah was rushed to hospital, fearing she’d been targeted in an acid attack, and she added: “There’s a lot in the media about acid attacks and it was really burning. I had no idea what it could be but I feared I’d be scarred for life.

“The hospital said it was either a really weak acid or boiling water, as it luckily hadn’t burnt right through my skin.”

"I poured cold water straight on, and I had to have cling film wrapped round my leg before they treated it. I'm hoping it won't scar permanently.

She added: "When I go in the bath or anything it really flares up."

Describing her attacker, Sarah said: "It was just a man jogging past, I couldn't see his face because he had one of those draw-string hoods up."

Sarah Bryan pictured as she was being grilled by Piers Morgan on GMB

She went on: "I've had loads of threats online, one of them even said 'burn', but I don't think it was connected as that was a month ago.

"I've had lots like 'I hope you get murdered', 'I hope you get put in jail', really bad stuff.

"I sent them all to the police, they're investigating and I have a meeting next week with them."

Sarah told The Sun: that her appearance on GMB made the hate she's receiving much worse and explained: "I always got hate from making the dresses that I do, despite me making them all to raise awareness for different charities.

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My opinion: Sara comes across as someone who exaggerates a lot she's a very good storyteller, like the £325 invoice she sent to another mother after her daughter's shoes were scuffed.

She did not get a single support from the public during her appearance on Good Morning Britain, as she was reduced to tears by Piers Morgan

The scar on her skin looked like something that was doused with hot water.